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Since 2017, CCOBATO (shenzhen) technology., Ltd,adhered the concept of "Healthy mentality, To make healthy products,Engage in a healthy enterprises and Share the healthy life".We adopted unique patented technology, integrated tobacco technology, traditional Chinese medicine concept and classical incense technology, we use the rational combination of herbal ingredients and natural spices,and extract the flavor essence from nature,CCOBATO is the pioneer of heat-not-burn heral sticks.
CCOBATO team is composed of tobacco experts and senior e-cigarette experts, and employed senior Chinese medicine as consultants,.Our professional team will dedicate new smoking products for customers. And Our factory is designed to meet the cleanliness requirements of food production.
The product has a variety of flavors, including cigarette-like, aroma, garoo, sandal and other natural flavors, combined with capsule, covering milk-coffee,mint,fruit,oranges and other more flavors.
Since ccobato established, the company has continuously innovated and improved technology, and strived to be in line with international standards. The products have passed third-party certification and met the relevant FDA standards. It is Tobacco-free, Nicotine-free and formaldehyde-free,and so on.
We sincerely hope to work hand in hand with you,and to provide you with the most suitable products and personalized customization services!



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