CCOBATO heat herbal sticks-Hami melon Flavor-with capsule-nicotine free

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NATURAL BLEND! CCOBATO herbal cigarettes are made with a blend of natural herbs and extracts.

Heat-not-burn herbal cigarette is to use external heat source (i.e smoking device), baking a special herbal tobacco under low temperature instead of igniting, in order to give off a taste to achieve the effect of smoking that close to real smoke

  • 100% Natural Cigarettes
  • Quit Smoking
  • Tobacco free Cigarettes
  • Nicotine free Cigarettes
  •  No flame
  • No ash
  • No Additiveheatstick-hami

Our herbal sticks through heating process to generate a pleasant flavour vapor. And since it does not burn, no harmful substances are released. There is very little smoke and no second-hand smoke, which is good for the environment.

People who are trying to quit smoking may receive help from these health cigarettes.
Buy herbal cigarettes online instead of tobacco cigarettes, and start the process of quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes and staying away from nicotine.

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