Heat-Not-Burn Herbal Sticks-Hami Melon Flavor

Short Description:

  • Nicotine free
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Formaldehde Free
  • No Tar
  • No Flame
  • No Chemial


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Hnb Herbal Sticks – Tobacco Free,Quit smoking- Hami-melon Flavor


Products Features

● No Tobacco: Our product is a mixture of herbal materials and natural spice. No tobacco is added as to avoid the potential harm of tobacco.

● No Tar: The way to intake our product is to use with the heat-not-burn tobacco product/ smoke-free product at low temperature baking. The temperature is set at around 300°C as to release the smell of the stick and without tar.

● No nicotine: This product does not add any nicotine or nicotine salt.It’s real health cigarette or tobacco alternatives.

● No addiction: Our product does not contain any other substance that could lead to addiction. There will not be physical reliance as it can be quit easily.

● No Heavy metal:All the constituents in herbal sticks made from natural materials which picked from our own plants base.

● No Formaldehyde:Passed the tested by authority organization,no harmful substances in smoke.

l All the materials and whole herbal sticks has passed the internationally recognize third-party certification for Nicotine free,FDA food contact,Non heavy metal and no harmful in smoke gas.

Taste Characteristics

  •  It contains Hami melon flavor capsule to enrich the taste
  • The fragrance of Hami melon is well integrated with the icy cool brought by Mint must be the freshest taste you are looking forward to;Removing your fatigue and activating the whole body!


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