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The Origin of the Name Ccobato

Ccobato is the reverse of Tobacco. When described as a syllable, it is pronounced backwards to-ba-cco, i.e. cco-ba-to.

Ccbato, ccabato, coobato, ccobata, ccofato, ccobaco, cocobato, ccobata, cobato, ccbato, cobacco, cobatto, ccobata are some common misspellings of the names.

Several years ago, inspired by Heated Tobacco Products, an internationally renowned tobacco company for harm reduction, and traditional Chinese herbalism, Mr. Hui Chi Hung and his team developed HEAT HERAL STICKS®, a revolutionary health product in order to go a step further and create products that would allow consumers to enjoy the same pleasure in a healthier way.

Ccobato is the reverse of Tobacco, which appears to be a simple exchange of syllables in order, but in fact we wanted to convey the opposite of Tobacco to indicate this type of Herbal Sticks is completely different from traditional cigarettes. This reflects Ccobato’s health philosophy, “Produce healthy products with a healthy attitude and share a healthy life.”

Since its inception, Ccobato has actively explored the combination of health concepts and heat-not-burn technology. We want to provide as many people as possible with a healthier, smoke-free alternative that can replace smoking. If you have switched to nicotine-free Herbal Sticks, please share the experience or even this article with your friends who still smoke. Let them become modern and healthy.

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