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Riguardo a noi

CCOBATO,established in 2017,hongkong,one of the leading enterprise of Heat not burn products in China.Since established, CCOBATO has begun to explore the combination of health concepts and heat-not-burn technology, and adhere to the company’s core philosophy of “With healthy attitude, Produce healthy products, and share healthy life” to create a one-stop solution for heat-not-burn products of R&D, production and sales. Herbal heat sticks,which is was original technology and craftsmanship.

Company news

  • Jun-15-2021

    Tobacco vs health? Heat not burn may be the most breakthrough solution

    In 1843, French tobacco companies began to produce Spanish-style cigars and officially named their products “cigarettes”. For more than a century afterwards, cigarettes had a huge impact on modern civilization. So far, more than 1 billion people in the world consume tobacco products. ...

  • Jun-07-2021

    Something you need to know about heat-not burn

    What is the definition of a Heating – Not – Burning Device (HNB)? Heating non-burning device is a combination of a heating device and a treated tobacco product, which uses an external power heating device to heat the treated real smoke to a temperature that is not sufficient to burn....

  • May-26-2021

    Kazakhstan Announces Changes in Tobacco Excise Taxes

    An article on the World Bank Group pointed out that while the tobacco taxation policy practiced in Kazakhstan in 2003-2013 resulted in increased tobacco excise revenues, it was evidently not effective in terms of public health, as it did not lead to a decrease in cigarette consumption. In 2014, t...

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