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Merits of Heat-not-burn Products

What are heat-not-burn products?

Heat-not-burn products are also known as heated tobacco products (HTPs) or tobacco heating products (THPs). They were produced against the background of creating a smoke-free future. Tobacco or alternative herbal leaves like tea are heated in heat-not-burn products.

It is a novel type of electronic device delivering reduced-risk aerosol. Unlike vapes or e-cigarettes that contain e-liquids, there are no e-liquids in heat-not-burn products. They must be used with the heating sticks. Heating sticks are disposable while the heating device is reusable under regular maintenance. 

Heated tobacco products are a healthier way to reduce the harm of standard cigarettes. They satisfy a nicotine craving by controlling the level of nicotine.

The tobacco or alternative herbal leaves in heating sticks are heated to generate an aerosol that users inhale. Users breathe in and out aerosol that HTPs created, often with a fruity aroma. Thus they feel great fun and enjoy the moment of releasing themselves by making blowy clouds.

Yet, many doubts are concerned when people choose heat-not-burn products to quit smoking. For example, is it safe or risk-free to try heated tobacco products? Do HTPs release addictive ingredients or harmful, toxic chemicals? What are the benefits of them? Read on and look for answers to these questions that trouble you. 

Heated to a lower temperature and fewer toxic chemicals released

Tobacco or herbal leaves in heat-not-burn products are heated to a lower temperature of 250℃-350℃. Conventional cigarettes are combusted up to 800℃-1000℃.

With a lower temperature, heat-not-burn products release fewer toxins and harmful compounds. Users are less likely to develop medical conditions like respiratory diseases or lung cancer.

Currently, few long-term studies confirm the effectiveness and safety of heated tobacco products. But findings offered by industry researchers and some experts well support the feasibility of taking HTPs as the reduced-risk products. As stated in the toxicological evaluation of new heat-not-burn products conducted by COT, COC and COM, there is probably a less harmful effect of heat-not-burn tobacco products and conventional smokers switching to THPs would less expose to toxic chemicals.[1] 

There is a smaller risk of physical damage from using heat-not-burn products. But users still need to remain vigilant and quit smoking to avoid health risks.

Nicotine level is controllable and not responsible for direct physical conditions.

Burning cigarettes generate harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide, tar, styrene, acrolein, etc. They are the primary sources of physical diseases. Such toxic substances consumed in heat-not-burn products will be reduced.

While nicotine is an addictive chemical added to ingredients of heating sticks. It will not directly cause physical problems. Convincing evidence can be found in a survey report from the Journal of General Internal Medicine. It points out that nicotine is responsible for the highly addictive nature of tobacco products, but most tobacco-caused disease is not directly caused by nicotine but rather by other chemicals present in tobacco or tobacco smoke.[2] 

Materials or ingredients in heating sticks are controllable. Nicotine is not indispensable to the HTPs but replaceable. Smokers who would like to quit their addiction to nicotine may choose products with a lower fix of nicotine. So whether HTPs are addictive depends on their nicotine level, and nicotine is not the direct reason that causes medical diseases.

Who will nicotine-free heat herbal sticks be aimed at? Smokers who make up their minds to quit smoking. And the new users who try products just for fun rather than being addictive. 

Heat-not-burn products are convenient and the best cigarette alternatives.

Heat-not-burn products are convenient. Users can change heating sticks easily. And they don’t need to spend much time cleaning the heating device for fewer residues are left than in traditional cigarettes.

It’s not like the case that e-liquids may often leak out under a short-time expiration date. Disposable sticks are used in heat-not-burn products. The heating sticks are well manufactured for longer-time storage.

The new heated tobacco products also meet consumers’ demand for jumping on the bandwagon. Besides, they can experience the palatable flavors. The advancing technology changes people’s lives, and the trend of leading a healthy and smoke-free life is unstoppable. Conventional smokers or youngsters may use heat-not-burn products for many reasons. But a healthy and relaxed way of living would be their eternal subject.


Heat-not-burn products may be the best solution to quit the addiction to tobacco based on the premise that non-tobacco leaves are used.

The above merits of heat-not-burn products would help consumers get detailed information about the difference between conventional cigarettes and the new type of heated tobacco products.

What’s more important is that users would figure out the rationale behind the heat-not-burn products and remove their doubts and concerns about the safety and effectiveness of tobacco or non-tobacco alternatives.

To create a smoke-free future, start now. Two heat-not-burn products are available for purchase. They are Ccobato heat herbal sticks and Unicco heat herbal sticks. Neither Ccobato nor Unicco contains tobacco. Herbal leaves are used as ingredients for them. Unicco contains nicotine while Ccobato is nicotine-free. Have a try and you’ll make it!


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[2] Steinberg MB, etc. Nicotine Risk Misperception Among US Physicians. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2020.

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