Ccobato,See you at Vaper Expo UK London

CcobatoSee you at Vaper Expo UK London

On February 15, 2020, the “vaper Expo UK London” British e-cigarette exhibition, which the world’s e-cigarette fans are looking forward to, opened in  London’s Olympia Convention and Exhibition Center.



Vaper Expo UK is the largest and most recognized e-cigarette and European steam e-cigarette exhibition held in the UK. It has been held in London and Birmingham since autumn 2015. The exhibition is also the fastest-growing and currently the largest e-cigarette exhibition. Th main exhibited products include e-cigarettes,vaper, e-liquid, batteries, electronic cigarette accessories, bottle of e-liquid and other accessories. It has attracted more than 20000 visitors from all over the world。


Ccobato (Shenzhen)  Technology Co., Ltd., as the invited exhibitor, will participate in this exhibition from February 15 to February 16. Ccobato are located in booth A135 .


At that time, Zhixiong Xu, the chairman of Ccobato, Di Zeng, deputy general manager, and Zhouhao Yang, sales director will join this exhibition and they will share the product concept and technical route of Ccobato at that time. 图片4

(Zhixiong Xu, the chairman of Ccobato)

In this exhibition, Ccobato has brought a brand-new flavor of Heat not burn cartridge after technical innovation to E-cigarette fans all over the world. It have four series, with a total of more ten flavors,Including blueberry mint, coffee, cigar, etc. which is appeared in exhibition first time.


In order to meet the different needs of all kinds of smokers,   Ccobato also brought Hnb sticks with nicotine salt for the chronic smokers. In addition, the  tailor-made heater used in combination with Ccobato Hnb Herbal sticks will also appear at the exhibition.


The heater has a using time of up to 6 minutes, which makes the herbal give full play to its heat-resistant characteristics and bring a longer experience; the heater adopts the continuous-smokes mode, which can smoke 15 sticks continuously only for half an hour of charging, completely saying goodbye to the trouble of waiting for charging every time of smoke.


The special tailor-made heater of Ccobato has a simple appearance, fashion designs, and a variety of different colors. We believe it will definitely Stand out at the show and become your new choice.


The new Ccobato, a new breakthrough technology, presents unique originality, and leads the fashion and health trend, all at the “vaper Expo UK London” British e-cigarette exhibition.



Welcome to visit Ccobato!Exhibition address:The Ntional Exibition Centre Biringham B401nt.,Birmingam

Booth No.: 135a

Contact person: Freeta

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