CCOBATO All-round breakthrough/Blockbuster updated

CCOBATO All-round breakthrough/Blockbuster updated

In February 2019,Ccobato simultaneous global launches of the first generation of Heat Not Burn productand delivered orders in next month,also achieved remarkable sales results.In the cooperation and discussion with business partners, we realized the importance of process scalability and replicability, which gave an idea of developing second-generation products.


In June 2019, Ccobato officially launched the R & D project of “electronic herbal sticks 2.0″. After six months of research & development, the unique molecular extraction & recondensation technology was finally adopted to improve the stability and ductility of Heat-Not-Burn productsand the frist introduce capsule into Hnb products.This process upgrading is mainly divided into four aspects: 1. Taste upgrading 2. Process upgrading 3. Package upgrading 4. Cooperation upgrading.


Taste upgrading: through the molecular extraction & recondensation technology, we have successfully broken the boundaries of shape, color and taste between herbs, thus we developed1. Fruity series (Hami-melon mint, peach, blueberry Mint) 2. Woody series (aloe, cigar, Lavender) 3. Coffee series (mellow latte, Italian concentration) 4. Hookah series.


Flavor upgrading: we have completely abandoned the traditional structure and process route of IQOS tobacco. Independently developed a unique molecular extraction & recondensation technology, and capsule technology,we have got own patent pool, absolutely avoiding the risk of IQOS patent. The new process products are not only more stable than iqos in heating, but also have obvious advantages in smoke, use time, etc.

Package upgrade: we have introduced fashionable elements for this healthy products, and developed & designed package designs that conforms to the aesthetics of different regions with partners around the world.


Cooperation upgrading: OEM&ODM and total solution service could be provided. Due to the use of molecular extraction & recondensation technology, theoretically we can make all herbs into Hnb products, including tea, coffee, traditional Chinese medicine, even tobacco and marijuana, etc., For OEM & ODM service, we could customized make Hnb products in term of package,omposition and tastes according to the requirement of partners.For total solution service,we will provide business partners with a complete set of processes and equipment for the production of cartidges, and be responsible for the follow-up development and optimization of such products.


Thank you for your reading and look forward to cooperating with you. Let’s start a new era of Heat-Not-Burn!



Post time: Jan-23-2020


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