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Ccobato Heat-Not-Burn Herbal Sticks explores internationalization road to the world

In March 2019,Ccobato actively explores overseas markets and lays out “globalization” before launched in domestic market. In this year, the company’s nicotine free HNB products have established distribution systems in Japan, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions, and obtained good market feedback.1

After half a year’s preparation, CCOBATO finally decided to launch the first market in the overseas was Japan, and cooperated with the local 100-year-old company to pilot promotion in Japan.In January 2020, CCOBATO Electronic Herbal obtained Japanese JFRL certification, which is one of the most authoritative certifications in the world.And officially launched at Japanese Amazon in the same month. Within one week, CCOBATO has achieved amazing results-No.1 in its category and has remained in the top three always.This not only means that the CCOBATO series products have welcomed by the finicky Japanese consumers, but also that CCOBATO get established in Japan.


(JFRL certification approved by Japan Food Analysis Center is the most authoritative test in the world)

With the success of CCOBATO in the Japanese market, the global Heat Not Burn market has also paid great attention to CCOABTO, a nicotine free HNB,a rising new star. The company receives a large number of inquiries from dealers around the world every day.


(Japanese  Internet celebrity also highly praised)

During the communication, CCOBATO found that heat not burn enthusiasts around the world are enthusiastic about products and expecting new flavors beyond imagination. On February 15, 2020, CCOBATO marketing team took a new generation of nicotine free HNB products to participate in the fifth London Vape exhibition, which is also the first station of CCOBATO’s “Continental Tour of the Five Continents and Ten Countries”. During the exhibition, CCOBATO signed cooperation with distributors from Britain, France and Romania. At the same time, CCOBATO also collected the customized requirements of distributor for tastes. CCOBATO is determined to develop a wide range of tastes to meet the preferences of consumers in different regions and countries.


(Customized black mint flavor)

“Five Continents and Ten Countries”Global Tour Exhibition is a major plan for CCOBATO’s overseas marketing. The company plans to participate in tobacco and electronic cigarette exhibitions around the world from 2020 to 2022, bringing more flavors of Nicotine Free Heatsticks and extreme Health concept products.


Looking at the current market of HNB products, it is not difficult to find that CCOBATO has successfully entered the world stage. Whether it is a breakthrough in taste or technological innovation, it will bring us more surprises. Let us witness the growth and breakthrough of CCOBATO nicotine free Heat-Not-Burn products in this new year!


Post time: Apr-03-2020


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