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CCOBATO Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco free sticks welcome in Japan

In recent years, influenced by the tobacco laws and regulations in many countries or social factors, the global tobacco consumption continues to decline with each passing years. In the background of the decline of traditional cigarette sales all over the world, the sales volume of heat not burn products reversed the upward, and the global sales volume is growing rapidly.

As one of the earliest markets of heat-not-burn products, the Japanese market can be said to be “HEAT-NOT-BURN MATURE MARKET”.

On January 31, 2020, CCOBATO heat-not-burn herbal sticks was officially launched in Japanese Amazon. It first landed in the Japanese market. Within a week, it quickly won the first place in sales volume of similar products in Japan and Asia, and consumers were highly praised.


This year, ccobato will enter into Japanese Don Quixote chain store, and will become second heat not burn product on the shelves of Don Quixote after Marlboro Heets sticks. This not only means that CCOBATO is favored by Japanese consumers, but also indicates that CCOBATO has established its foothold in the Japanese heat not burn market.


Japanese popular influencer is also amazed by CCOBATO herbal heets,a smoking cessation product. It specially took review video on YouTube to share with the audiences. In the video, he said that as a revolutionary product of quitting smoking and cigarette alternative products, CCOBATO not only has a good taste and reasonable price, but also is completely healthy, harmless and no addictive. If there is a need to quit smoking, it is highly recommended to try it.


CCOBATO heat not burn in Japan can achieve such proud results, thanks to the idea of full localization operation of CCOBATO. The Japanese strategic distributors of CCOBATO have rich experience in the tobacco industry for a hundred years and are familiar with the taste preferences of users in the local market.

In the era of people paying more and more attention to beauty, the content of products is no longer the only factor that consumers care about in the new era. Both aesthetic and taste have the characteristics of diversified demand and personalized choice.  At the same time, the company name and address information of our Japanese strategic partner is displayed on the side of the product package.


The Japanese heat not burn market has become an overseas model market of CCOBATO, and the global heat not burn market has also paid great attention to CCOBATO, a rising star of heating tobacco free sticks.


We sincerely welcome worldwide partners to join heat not burn industry, and work with us to explore a better cooperation way and develop more local customers’ favorite tastes!

Post time: Jun-17-2020


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