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Ccobato Heat Not Burn Herbal heatsticks-Black Mint The latest flavor lanuched

With the upgrading of consumption and the progress of culture, people pay more and more attention to personalized consumption experience. Influenced by personal preferences, living habits and regional cultural differences, the global consumer market presents the characteristics of demand diversification and selection personalization.

Ccobato has been committed to providing diversified health nicotine free and tobacco cigarette alternative products for consumers with different needs. Therefore, ccobato attaches great importance to improving the user’s consumption experience, especially the user’s personalized demand for impact and throat hit preference on products.


In order to meet this demand ,ccobato has officially launched a prefreshing taste heatsticks which is without capsule–Black mint.


Research and development of black Mint:

Step1.Ccobato collected the top 10 flavors which is most expected by consumers by questionnaire and voting.

Step2. Ccobato analyzed the survey data, and found that most consumers preferred to pure mint taste. Ccobato responded to the market feedback , and take the taste of mint with high throat hit and ice feeling as the research and development goal, and put it into the laboratory research and development.

Step 3. After the internal test of new productccobato held several herbal sticks tasting to let users try new flavors, and the result was great success. Users loved so much with this kind of heatstick with a strong impact and throat hitting feeling. One user sighed and said when tasting the new flavor: “we usually use blue to describe the general ice, but this one is extremely cold, just like the black storm swept cross me.” Ccobato quickly captured this inspiration and officially named the new flavor as ” BLACK MINT”.

Step 4. The black Mint live up to our highest expectations and successfully completed trial production. It is the third main product of Ccobato after Hami melon and vitality peach flavors which is officially sold to the public.


Taste characteristics:

Super impact: The feedback shows that the impact of black mint without capsule was different taste with ccobato’s other flavors.Mint give a cool and refreshing taste on the palate, a strong sense of throat hitting to let the brain clear, removed tiredness,activate the whole body.


Strong and cool without capsuleThe black Mint maximizes restore the original and pure taste of mintit will be different experience with fruit capsule. After research and discussion, ccobato adopted new technology in the taste of black mint and strive to achieve the ultimate pure ice experience to customer.


Cool aftertaste long-lasting :Ccobato Heat Not Burn herbal sticks has plenty fresh vapour, no second smoke after smoking, no throat irritation.


The flavors was enriched, but the health is the only constant. Ccobato always insists on “with healthy mentality, produce healthy products and share healthy life” as the core concept, and worked on contributing to the big health industry. Ccobato will make further efforts to bring more new flavors to the market and more choices for customers.


Post time: Apr-29-2020


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