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CCOBATO&UNICCO-Assisted smoking reduction and cessation plan

As we all know, quitting smoking is easy to say and easy to do, but it is difficult to succeed.

Everyone who smokes thinks that he can easily defeat tobacco, but in the end he is still led by the addiction to the devil and can’t stop it.

How hard is it to quit smoking? The success rate of quitting smoking on your own is less than 10% (most studies believe that it is <7%)! Unless you have strong willpower, failure is common. The easiest way is not to start smoking. And the reason why you can’t quit is because you are poisoned by nicotine

Smoking most of the time is not “personal will” but “nicotine addiction”. It’s no wonder that you can’t quit, because physical dependence is easy to quit, but psychological dependence is difficult to get rid of!

For the health of yourself and your family, first of all, we must be determined to quit smoking. Secondly, there is no need to quit smoking. It is possible to achieve a higher success rate through three methods: smoking assistance, psychological intervention and behavioral counseling.

Step 1: Relieve physical dependence

Heat not burn herbal heat sticks is very effective in assisting smoking reduction and cessation. The recommended smoking cessation method nicotine replacement is safe and effective to assist smoking cessation. UNICCO heat-not-burn herbal sticks contains trace amounts of nicotine, which looks like a real cigarette, trace nicotine salt content, heated smoking method, and no carbon monoxide is produced. Allows you to achieve painless and painless smoking control until you quit smoking.

Step 2: Get rid of psychological dependence

Practice has proved that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help quit smoking, you can try to read “This Book Can Let You Quit Smoking”.

The author, Mr. Carl, was also a heavily addicted old smoker. His quality of life was seriously reduced due to his deteriorating health. So he discovered the “easy way to quit smoking” through self-exploration, and successfully bid farewell to his addiction through practice!

Step 3:Action

• Customized smoking cessation plan-90-day smoking cessation

The first stage: 1-30 days

Reduce cigarette by half, use UNICCO heat herbal sticks instead of traditional cigarettes, alternate use, adapt to new tastes

Second stage: 31-60 days

Cut the amount of smoking in half and use UNICCO heat herbal sticks instead to adapt to the consolidation period

The third stage: 61-90 days

Use CCOBATO heat herbal sticks to satisfy the residual dependence on nicotine and physiological habits,

Until completely quit smoking!

Post time: Jan-07-2021


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