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Development status and trend analysis of Heat not burn tobacco in 2020


Under the pressure of increasing health awareness, the sales of traditional tobacco dropped from 121.169 million boxes in 2014 to 110.214 million boxes in 2018. At this stage, countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea have approved the sale of heat-not-burn tobacco in their countries. In the near future, forward-looking believes that heat-not-burn tobacco can have a similar taste and 90% similar to traditional cigarettes. The above-mentioned harm reduction capabilities will usher in an explosion in the Chinese market.

Harm reduction needs drive the development of Heat not burn tobacco

As an electronic product that replaces cigarettes, new tobacco smoke has a similar appearance, smoke, taste and feel to cigarettes. However, Cigarette Ranking does not contain the 7000 harmful chemical components in cigarette smoke, so it is favored by more and more people.

New types of tobacco can be divided into heat-not-burn cigarettes and steam-type electronic cigarettes according to different ways of smoking. Vapor-type electronic cigarettes use electric heating to produce smoke through an atomizer to achieve the purpose of inhaling nicotine. Heat-not-burn cigarettes (HNB) make tobacco emit the flavor of flue-cured tobacco under the substitution of non-burning tobacco. Because there is no burning tobacco, heated tobacco tobacco can release nicotine and other chemical substances, but the gas produced when heated tobacco is used Fog produces 90-95% less harmful substances than the smoke produced by traditional cigarettes, and at the same time does not produce smoke or soot.

Heat not burn products is expected to replace traditional cigarettes

The rapid popularity of electronic atomized cigarettes is not only because they contain no health factors such as tar and other carcinogens, but also because they have a certain fashion and entertainment. Young people will form so-called “smoke rings.” As far as the replacement of traditional cigarettes is concerned, the most important thing is the experience and taste of smoking. In this regard, heat-not-burn products are obviously better. On the one hand, cartridges made of solid tobacco are closer to the texture of traditional cigarettes. On the other hand, because their cartridges use tobacco instead of e-liquid, they are more acceptable to traditional smokers in terms of taste and experience.

It is well known that IQOS, a well-known heat-not-burn tobacco brand, is forbidden to be sold in China, but the general trend of new tobacco products such as heat-not-burn, domestic traditional tobacco companies are also accelerating the development of heat-not-burn tobacco products, and the state and relevant departments are also accelerating the establishment Regulatory mechanism for new tobacco products. From the perspective of the country’s gradual implementation of tobacco product reforms, there will be significant improvements in new domestic tobacco products in the future. This is not only the reform of the tobacco industry, but also people’s demands for health. The wave of new types of tobacco is coming rapidly.

Patent applications for heat-not-burn smoke are gaining momentum

Through the search for “heat-not-burn products” on Soopat, as of the end of 2019, my country has 9278 patents related to heat-not-burn smoke. On the whole, the number of HNB tobacco applications in my country from 2013 to 2018 showed an upward trend, and it declined slightly in 2019. In 2019, the number of HNB related patent applications was 855.



The Heat not burn tobacco market has huge potential

According to the data released by China Cigarette Net in October 2019, the number of new tobacco consumers in my country continued to rise from 2013 to 2018. In 2018, the number of new tobacco consumers in China was approximately 8.85 million, a year-on-year increase of 20.1%. With the continuous improvement of peoples health awareness and the increasingly stringent tobacco control measures in major tobacco consumption countries in the world, coupled with Chinas future liberalization of heat-not-burn tobacco policies, it is forward-looking that Chinas new tobacco consumers will continue to maintain 20% in 2019-2025. A growth rate of more than% will exceed 30 million by 2025.

Post time: Jan-13-2021


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