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Discussion Forum on technical exchange and development of HnB Herbal products industry

With the rise of public health awareness and the major success of Heat not Burn (HnB) products overseas, the Heat not burn (HnB) industry has entered a golden age in the development of new tobacco in the past two years. The market demand and technological advancement of heat not burn have made a new breakthrough in heat not burn products in China, and ushered in a new tuyere –E-herbal(Heat not burn Herbal sticks). Recently, well-known domestic venture capital media platforms and industry media have successfully carried out the “3rd NTP & Low-temperature Herbaceous Industry Technology and Application Status Seminar”.

This seminar hosted by new research experts Deng Ming, a professor at the university of yunnan tobacco, invited to medica incense Li Youqiang founder, new tobacco researchers Wang Shanhong,  CCOBATO Mr.Xu chairman, discuss low temperature medica technology research and development and innovation, and industrial development direction and trend in the future.In addition, the development of the global low-temperature herbarium industry and the direction of domestic development were analyzed.


Technology and Market

Mr. Li , the founder of herbal Xiangdan, who has been engaged in the tobacco industry for 23 years, delivered a speech on the theme of “Technical Analysis of Heat not burn Herbal Products and Market Development Trend Forecast”. This paper briefly analyzed the technology of low temperature herbal medicine, and made a deep explanation on the use of base material, process characteristics and structure types of low temperature herbal medicine, which made the audience have a certain understanding of low temperature herbal medicine.

E-herbals(heat not burn herbal sticks) is not only popular in Japan and South Korea, but also has been expanded to more than a dozen countries and regions. This year, the export volume of E-herbals is more than 50,000. Mr. Li believes that there is a huge space for the development of the industry. We can make continuous progress and development in the field of big health, but there is still a long way to go for technology improvement, market expansion and further development of consumer cognition



Innovation and Patents

New tobacco researcher Mr. Wang  with “innovation and patent in the field of non-tobacco technology research and development.For heat not burn Herbs, Mr. Wang  said: about the evolution of product development, the awakening of the mainstream market, competition and innovation in the non-tobacco market.He believes that heat not burn herbal products need to be closer to traditional cigarettes in terms of satisfaction and create new consumer stickiness in order to develop better under the fierce brand competition in the future.

Break through technical barriers

Mr. Xu , Chairman of CCOBATO, delivered a speech on the theme of “Practice Sharing of the Breakthrough of IQOS Technical Barriers by the Manufacturing Process of Heat not burn herbal”. he made a comparison between heat not burn tobacco products and traditional cigarettes, showing that the heat not burn products are more harmless than traditional cigarettes. By comparing the technical barriers of IQOS with the domestic tobacco monopoly law barriers, this paper makes a deep technical analysis of IQOS, and shows that to break through the patent barriers of IOQS, we need to make breakthroughs in the process technology and equipment research and development, and pay attention to patent protection.Taking the development course of CCOBATO heat not burn herbal sticks as an example, it is mentioned that CCOBATO has carried out in-depth analysis on IQOS, fully independent research and development, and realized the technological breakthrough of heat herbal sticks.


This forum, let everyone have a clearer understanding of the past and future development of the heat herbal sticks industry. Industry exchanges promote the progress and development of the industry, but also let us have a common goal.



Post time: Apr-29-2021


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