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Global Heat Not Burn Industry enter into a new era

According to the official website of FDA and PMI international, IQOS, a heat not burn tobacco product of PMI, has officially passed the FDA’s approval for marketing as an Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP), and will be officially marketed in the United States as a harm reduction product.


This is a landmark point for the global heat-not-burn industry.

IQOS passed the PMTA tobacco marketing application in April 2019, and then MRTP conducted a new review.

Li Youqiang, a well-known heat-not-burn tobacco products expert, said that in the past, Hnb is on small scale. From this moment, the HEAT NOT BURN industry will welcome a new era.

Li Youqiang said that it used to be used as tobacco product control, but now it is used as harm reduction product management, which will have a profound impact on publicity, brand influence and audience feeling




 FDA official text

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized Philip Morris Products’ iqos tobacco heating system to market as an improved risk tobacco product (MRTP). This marks the approval of the second set of products in the history of MRTP, and the first batch of tobacco products have obtained the “exposure modification” directive, which enables the marketing of the products to reduce the exposure of certain substances, or to expect the release of the order to be beneficial to people’s health. It is important that the licensing of these products requires companies to conduct post market surveillance and research to determine whether MRTP continues to be appropriate, including assessing the potential for increased use among young people.


Jitch Mitch Zeller, head of the FDA’s tobacco products center, said the FDA’s goal is to ensure that consumer information about risk reduction or exposure reduction from the use of tobacco products is supported by scientific evidence and is easy to understand.

Data submitted by the company show that the use of licensing information to market these specific products can help addicted adult smokers to get rid of burning cigarettes and reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals, provided that they are fully converted to these specific products.

Iqos will not be used more frequently by FDA to determine if these products will be used more frequently by younger consumers.

Compared with continuous smoking, smoke free substitutes must meet the following two conditions if they want to reduce the harm quickly: it must be confirmed by relevant science that its harm to human body is significantly lower than that of cigarette; and it should be able to meet the needs of current smokers, so that they can completely change the product.

Clive Bates’ harm reduction formula presented at e-cigarette Summit


FDA has previously authorized the marketing of these products without modifying risk information through the pre market tobacco application (PMTA) pathway in April 2019.
Available basis to date:

The iqos system heated tobacco but does not burn.

This greatly reduces the production of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals.

Scientific research has shown that the complete conversion from traditional cigarettes to iqos systems can greatly reduce the human exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.

“FDA has determined that scientific studies have shown that complete conversion from traditional cigarettes to iqos can reduce exposure to hazardous or potentially harmful chemicals.”

——Andre calanzopoulos CEO Philip Morris International


Toxicological assessment also found that iqos aerosol contained much lower levels of potential carcinogens and toxic chemicals than cigarette smoke, which could damage the respiratory or reproductive system.

In addition, studies have shown that the complete conversion from burning cigarettes to heating non combustion systems can significantly reduce the exposure of human bodies to 15 specific and potentially harmful chemicals.

What is the harm of heat not burn tobacco products compared with traditional cigarettes?

Recently, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) conducted a related study on heated non combustible tobacco products, and concluded that the carcinogens contained in heated non combustible tobacco products were about 10-25 times lower than those in traditional cigarettes.



In the trend of more people focus on health, heat not burn products ushered in a new opportunity.

Ccobato heat not burn herbal sticks, with tea and natural herbs for main materials instead of tobacco, low-temperature heating (300-350 ℃) instead of combustion (600-900 ℃), the exclusive “molecular extraction and recondensation” process is adopted to perfectly balance the health concept and smoke experience.

CCOBATO hopes to provide global consumers with a wide range of new heat not burn products to protect the health of you and people around you!


Post time: Jul-15-2020


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