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Heat not burn is a long-term hard transition products

It’s common to hear the question: What do you think of the future development of e-cigarettes and heat no burn products? Because e-cigarettes and heat not burn are the two major trends.
Comprehensive product nature and the needs of the crowd, that heat not burn is a long-term hard transition products!

For people who are addicted to smoking, they are not used to vaporizing electronic cigarettes and feel that they are not very happy.
And heating is not the same as burning, the composition of heat not burn tobacco is a new type of tobacco flakes, although not lit, is heating, but the smell of smoke is more sufficient, more in line with the needs of old smokers. The HNB tobacco is inserted into the heated tobacco lance, through the temperature of about 350° baking heating, so that nicotine smoke emitted, smoking this smoke to achieve the purpose of addiction, this Heat Not Burn technology, almost will not produce harmful tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, so it is a new type of harm reduction tobacco products
Some smokers said, “I can’t take a puff of real cigarettes now. I choke when I smell them. I have smoked heat-not-burn tobacco, and I have never smoked traditional cigarettes. That’s why Goodwill is so popular as soon as it goes public.
Remember the year before last, many old smokers everywhere looking for IQOS, want to buy gifts. Why not e-cigarettes? Said he didn’t know about e-cigarettes. E-cigarette has been born for more than ten years. Since we do not know e-cigarette, we only know the birth of IQOS for more than one year. What a feeling! At the same time also shows that heating does not burn the charm of the product!
At home, due to policy reasons, we do not burn the demand for heating has been suppressed, once the domestic appropriate, matching heatsticks allowed to be officially listed, will present a furious development! Mainly is the old smoker too much!
Why heat not burn is not a short term transitional cigarette?

The change of taste, habits and culture is not a matter of one day, but a long-term process
Whether it is vaporized e-cigarettes or heat not burn products that do not burn, more than 80% of the people who currently buy them are smokers, who have smoked cigarettes. A taste memory is formed when a cigarette is smoked, and comparisons are made when vaporized e-cigarettes are smoked or when products are heat not burn.

The vaporized vaping or heat not burn product, and the precipitation time is very short. People born in the 1980s, 70s, 60s and 50s, these four stages of the population, is deeply affected by cigarettes. Frequent smokers in these four stages were more likely to accept heat not burn products than vaped vaping devices.
Where there is demand, there is market. Chinese people cannot do without their own heat not burn products

Post time: May-20-2021
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