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Heat Not Burn, standing on the top of the wave

Combining the advantages of traditional tobacco and traditional e-cigarettes, the combination of heat not burn, and sitting on the right place and people of the market and technology, it can be said that the prospects are very optimistic.

With the continuous development of global tobacco control, traditional tobacco is declining, and heated tobacco products have gradually become a hot spot for research and development, which has promoted the development of heat not burn tobacco products and even changed consumerslifestyle habits.

Heat not burn

In recent years, the heat-not-burn (HNB) products that have been popular all over the world have been around for a long time.

The heat not burn device controls the heated temperature at about 300 degrees. The heatsticks can produce smoke close to the real smoke and avoid burning, so it will not produce a large number of harmful substances caused by burning traditional smoke.  No burning, no open flame, no soot, no tar, low nicotine content, no second-hand smoke hazard, and low odor.  Coupled with the taste of real smoke, the experience of real smoke while smoking, and the simple and easy-to-use operation, it has been loved by smokers once it was launched.

Nowadays, after years of market development and the promotion of tobacco giants, heat not burn tobacco products such as heat not burn are gradually replacing traditional cigarettes on a global scale, becoming a new driving force for the growth of the tobacco market.  The rapid expansion of HNB brands headed by IQOS and GLO in global development, coupled with the improvement of the objective market for global smokers, is a new profit growth point for the traditional tobacco industry and e-cigarette industry.

Heated tobacco

Premier, the world’s first heat-not-burn product, was born in 1988 and was developed by the American Reynolds Tobacco Company.  Ten years later, in 1998, the tobacco giant Philip Morris International launched the heat-not-burn device Accord, which used electric heating mode.

After accumulating for many years, PMI officially launched IQOS in June 2014. Once it came out, it quickly shook the position of traditional cigarettes in the international market and opened a new era of global heat-not-burn.

The major tobacco giants have shifted their business focus to heated tobacco.  The two tobacco giants, PMI and BAT, have more than 30 million users of heat-not-burn tobacco products.  Among them, Philip Morris International’s products have been sold in 66 countries and regions around the world, including South Korea and Japan in Asia, which shows that the entire tobacco industry is facing a new round of reshuffle.  (The development history of the heated tobacco strategy of the tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI))

(Heat Not Burn Chinese Illustrated Book)Heat not burn product

Post time: Jul-03-2021
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