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IQOS’s rapid global expansion, optimistic about new tobacco production Industry chain investment opportunities



HNB general trend, IQOS global rapid expansion

In the context of traditional tobacco growth under pressure, HNBs excellent user experience and stable tax and profit contribution are showing

There is a rapid expansion trend. Refer to Philip Morris Internationals 2018 data: 1) On the sales side, the companys pod sales are the same

Increased by 93.2% to 44.3 billion; 2) On the user side, IQOS maintains a high conversion rate of nearly 70% for traditional smokers,

The number of users increased by 39% to 9.6 million; 3) On the sales area, the penetration rate of traditional advantageous areas continued to increase

For example, the share of Japanese/Korea HNB in ​​total tobacco sales in the region increased by 1.3/3pct; new expansion areas are also accelerating

Break the situation, such as EU countries generally have a penetration rate of more than 1pct growth.The rapid expansion of Philip Morris’ new tobacco

The company now has the ability to continuously iterate its products and focus on brand promotion. Driven by HNB business, the company continues

Increase its share in the global tobacco market. In 2018, the market share of tobacco sales increased by 0.4pct to 28.4%.

The US market is expected to open up, or detonate new increments of HNB

The U.S. market is a key area for Philip Morris Internationals new tobacco business in the next phase. At present, IQOS is

Local policy is not yet available for normal sales. Philip Morris has submitted PMTA (Sales Permit) and MRTP (Reduced

Certification) application, and is about to enter the final certification issuance stage. Based on existing information and similar cases, IQOS

There is a high probability of entering the US market within the year, but it is still uncertain whether it can obtain the harm reduction certification. test

Considering that FDA is one of the most authoritative food and drug regulatory agencies in the world, if Philip Morris can gain access to the US market

Qualifications, while helping the expansion of the HNB market, can also promote the gradual liberalization of policies in other regions around the world.

Post time: Jan-19-2021


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