Look to the future, adhere to independent innovation, leading the development of healthy non-tobacco industry

Smoking is bad for your health — it’s almost universally accepted. The nations of the world
In order to control the harm of tobacco to the public, the government has devised various measures to restrict smokers
Age, ban tobacco advertising, ban smoking in public places, strengthen the relevant tobacco
Propaganda about the dangers of grass, more directly, is the massive increase in tobacco taxes. However, in accordance with the
However, it can not stop the advance of smokers.
There are currently 1.1 billion smokers worldwide who die each year from smoking-related diseases
Up to 6 million people die every second from smoking-related diseases
The disease. It is estimated that smoking reduces life expectancy by an average of 14 years. Smoking has become a taboo
It seriously endangers health, endangers the living environment of human beings, and reduces the quality of life of people.
The urgent problem of shortening human life span.
Upholding the foundation of promoting health, our products contain NO tobacco and nicotine, NO tar will be produced, and NO chemical essence as all made by herbs and natural spices.
Adopting designs of cigarette products as development concept by finding out the compatibility of different herbs and natural spices. We focus on the blending of smell and taste as to provide the same feeling of cigarette smoking.
Employing the basis and structure of the popular non-burning cigarette products, customers can experience the satisfaction of vapor through the heating process.

Post time: Mar-15-2019


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