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New tendency in the field of Heat not burn-Heat Herbal Sticks

New tendency in the field of Heat not burn-Heat Herbal Sticks

The heat-not-burn industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and Heat Herbal sticks(non-tobacco cartridges) will become an emerging tuyere product in 2020.微信图片_20210716173256
Heat-not-burn products make up for the consumer’s shortage of harm-reducing products, and even change consumers’ living habits. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, the use of heat-not-burn products in Japan is increasing, with 30.6% of men and 23.6% of women using heat-not-burn products, respectively.
It can be seen from the data that heat-not-burn products account for half of the Japanese tobacco market. But in essence, heat non-burning belongs to tobacco products, for example, Marlboro. Such products cannot be sold domestically due to Marlboro’s patent monopoly, so the new type of “non-tobacco” heating herbal sticks,, also known as heat not burn Herbal sticks,stands out.

With the gradual rise of people’s health awareness, and the great success of heat-not-burn products overseas. In the past two years, the heat-not-burn industry has entered a golden age in the development of heated tobacco. The market demand for heat-not-burn and the advancement of technology have enabled my country’s heat-not-burn products to achieve new breakthroughs and ushered in a new tuyere-heat not burn Herbal sticks.

Cryogenic Materia Medica has now expanded to more than 40 countries and regions, andheated Herbal sticks volume exceeds 100,000 per month. As far as the heat not burn Herbal sticks is concerned, the industry has huge room for development, and it will continue to make progress and development in the health field.Strictly speaking, the so-calld heated herbal sticks belong to the same heat-not-burn product (HNB) category as low-temperature tobacco, and their working principles are exactly the same. The main difference lies in the use of base materials and production equipment for the cartridges.未标题-1
“Heat not burn Herbal sticks” is also called “non-tobacco cartridges”. Common raw materials include tea, lotus leaves, mint, ginkgo leaves, lilies and other natural herbs, which are widely used in heat-not-burn device.
The characteristics of CCOBATO herbal heatsticks products are: it is not a tobacco product and does not contain tobacco components. Compared with the traditional cigarette burning consumer market, it is a heated tobacco free product to reduce harm, without open flames and no soot . It contains herbaceous plants and uses low-temperature heat device to release the characteristic substances and aromas in the herbal medicine to produce smoke to satisfy the consumer’s smoking experience. It does not produce smoke tar, thereby reducing harmful substances by 90%-95%.
CCOBATO heat not burn“low temperature heral sticks” conforms to the trend of health, diversification and quality, does not touch national interests or violate the monopoly law, and perfectly integrates the market. It can better meet the needs of consumers, and naturally becomes the most ideal new category to replace traditional cigarettes.未标题-2
“Cryogenic Materia Medica” has opened up a new path in the field of harm reduction, and will further occupy the market in the future that focuses on public health.

Post time: Jul-16-2021
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