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Something you need to know about heat-not burn


What is the definition of a Heating – Not – Burning Device (HNB)?

Heating non-burning device is a combination of a heating device and a treated tobacco product, which uses an external power heating device to heat the treated real smoke to a temperature that is not sufficient to burn. Its “low temperature cigarette” designed with the idea of “heating does not burn”, can make the tobacco just heated to the extent of enough to emit flavor, but will not ignite the tobacco leaves. Under normal circumstances, ordinary cigarettes are smoked at 350°C to 600°C high temperature will produce many harmful substances, and low temperature cigarettes are below 300°C, harmful substances will be reduced.


What are the main technical points involved in heat not burn equipment (HNB)?

The main technical points of heating non-combustion equipment are heat source, heating device, control system, tobacco formula and materials, additives, adsorbents, overall structure design, etc.The core technology of heating non-combustion tobacco products is mainly embodied in tobacco formula and materials, overall structure design of products, additives and adsorbents, heating devices, control systems and so on.


What is the value of a Heatless Burning Equipment (HNB)?

The biggest value of the heating and non-burning device is that it can provide a smoking experience similar to that of traditional tobacco products, but at the same time, it has the low hazard of e-cigarettes, which meets the core demand of smokers and consumers – healthy smoking.


What is the relationship between heating not burning equipment (HNB) and new tobacco products (NTP)?

New Tabacco Product (NTP) is an emerging strategic Product of the tobacco industry, which conforms to the general trend of personalized, diversified and quality consumption upgrading, including e-cigarette devices, heating and non-burning devices and smokeless tobacco products.


What is the difference between heating unburning equipment (HNB) and conventional tobacco?

Similarities is to use real tobacco, both can provide consumers need nicotine intake as well as the “smoke”, and the difference is that heating is not is the use of external power supply heating not only burning, burning on the harmfulness than traditional cigarettes is greatly reduced, according to research shows that the dangers of heat burn for only about 10% of the traditional tobacco.


What is the difference between a Heating Not-Burning Device (HNB) and an E-Cigarette Device?

Both are nicotine intake via an external power source for consumer, to the health of consumers has fallen to a large extent, but electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, is only the nicotine liquid atomization gas suction mouth, burning and heating is not the raw material is used by real tobacco, besides can provide nicotine,It can also release a real “smoke smell” similar to traditional cigarettes.


What kind of heating and non-combustion equipment (HNB) are available abroad?

Foreign heating non-combustion equipment, mainly to British and American Tobacco’s Ifuse and Glo, Fermo International’s IQOS, Japan Tobacco (Poom), Renault’s Revo, Korea KT&G’s LIL, mainly.IQOS is the most successful.There is no doubt that the success of IQOS has greatly promoted the development of new tobacco products around the world.


What are the heating and non-combustion equipment (HNB) in China?

Domestic heating non-combustion equipment, including two sources, one is produced by domestic electronic cigarette enterprises, such as Buddy, Kecig, Gelinyunda GS, Xiangyu Metu, etc.The other is the domestic local tobacco company, such as Yunnan MC, Sichuan tobacco width, Hunan tobacco, Guangdong tobacco Mu +, ING and so on.


What are the main consumers of Heated Unburned Equipment (HNB)?

1. Old smokers who need to quit smoking

This kind of smokers generally smoke for a long time, want to quit but can not quit, can only reduce the amount of smoking by smoking less, change to smoke thin cigarettes and other ways, such as myself, used to smoke thick cigarettes, now for the health, change to smoke thin cigarettes, and strictly control the amount of smoking every day.So if you can have a smoke can be at ease to smoke, I would like to try very much.

2. Young consumer groups

Young people pursue individuality, like to be different, and are very willing to try new things. Besides, they have not smoked for a long time and do not rely on cigarettes to a high degree, so they easily accept this new type of tobacco products.


Is it possible to open heating and non-combustion equipment (HNB) in China?

Up to now, heating non-combustion equipment (smoke bombs) is included in the prohibited scope in China.Any illegal smuggling and sale is against the law.Limited by policy factors, the heating and non-burning equipment produced by domestic e-cigarette enterprises and China Tobacco Company is mainly sold to foreign markets, except for the herbal tobacco bombs that do not contain tobacco components.


What countries abroad can open sale of heating non – combustion equipment (HNB)?

Korea, Japan, Laos, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Romania, the United Kingdom, the United States and so on.In fact, many foreign countries do not burn equipment for heating.

Post time: Jun-07-2021
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