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Taste:The core factor that affects consumer choice Heat Not burn or e-cigarette

As a low-risk alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette consumers have two core demands: “health appeal” and “taste appeal” — not only less harmful, but also the smoking experience needs to be similar to traditional cigarettes, and the taste needs to be what consumers like.

Currently, the two major categories of e-cigarette market — lipo-based e-cigarettes and Heat-Not-burn  e-cigarettes — both match consumers’ health requirements: they get nicotine while smoking with significantly lower levels of toxic and harmful substances than traditional cigarettes. In terms of the smoking experience,  heat not burn cigarette are much closer to traditional cigarettes

Significant reduction in hazard levels and a smoking experience closer to traditional cigarette are common features of the  heat not burn heatsticks category. Although this commonality can influence more e-cigarette consumers and traditional smokers to convert to the heat not burn heatsticks, it does not provide a significant choice distinction between the two brands of Heat not burn sticks.


To reflect the “choice differentiation”, to make the brand differentiation of heat not burn heatsticks, is to deeply understand, continue to close to and match the “taste appeal” of consumers can be achieved.

“Taste appeal” is more reflected as a “personalized appeal”. It can give consumers the most direct, obvious, perceptible and distinct experience in the shortest time. Consumers will also actively seek out, judge, and choose which brand of Heat-Not -Burn  is their favorite. It is likely that the taste factor will directly influence the consumer’s choice behavior within the experience time of less than one minute

Therefore, it can be said that “taste appeal” is the most concerned factor of consumers and the most core factor affecting their choice behavior, especially for non-price-sensitive consumers as consumption upgrades.


Post time: Mar-26-2021


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