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The IECIE e Cigarette ended successfully, CCOBATO has been won acclaim

The 7th IECIE International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo and Atomization Technology Festival finished successfully on December 8, 2021, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition space spans 60,000 square meters, bringing together more than 500 exhibitors and 2,500 brands, attracting tens of thousands of people to the venue.

In the context of regulatory policy clarification, heat-not-burn herbal sticks has emerged as a new force and track in both domestic and international markets, attracting practitioners’ attention. CCOBATO has insisted on thorough cultivation in the field of heat-not-burn herbal sticks since its inception, and it is devoted to developing a world-class one-stop service platform for heat-not-burn goods. CCOBATO’s UNICCO series are freshly renovated in this show, with superior taste and experience, and are highly appreciated by the majority of colleagues and consumers. The most popular flavors are the original and compound flavors, which are closest to the taste of real cigarette and hence more acceptable to smokers.

 CCOBATO has witnessed the evolution of heat-not-burn herbal sticks, from the Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo to the inaugural Atomization Technology Festival, and will also become a practitioner to promote heat-not-burn products across the world. To reward everyone’s faith and support, we will utilize better goods and provide more attentive service, and we will persist on contributing to healthier suction products!

Post time: Dec-10-2021
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