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The international top medical journal “The Lancet”: E-cigarettes can significantly increase the success rate of smoking cessation

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On July 1, the international authoritative medical journal “The Lancet” published an article titled “Smoking Cessation for Dual Users of Combustible and
Electronic Cigarettes: A Randomized Controlled Trial” in the “Public Health” column.
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In this experiment, from July 12, 2016 to June 30, 2017, 3611 people were recruited to participate in the smoking cessation experiment, and they were divided into three groups: the non-intervention evaluation group, the general intervention group, and the special intervention using e-cigarettes Group. During the trial, the general intervention group received a general guide to quit smoking, including an introduction manual “Stop Smoking for Good” and ten teaching manuals, etc.; while the special intervention group received a guide “If You Vape: If You Vape:” designed for dual users. a Guide to Quitting Smoking, including one “If You Vape” manual, ten “If You Vape: Guide to Quitting Smoking” booklets and nine “My Story” booklets.
It is worth mentioning that the smoking cessation guidelines received by the special intervention group will emphasize the smoking cessation function of e-cigarettes.
For example, when you want to smoke, you can use e-cigarettes or try different flavors or devices until you find the most effective product. At the end of the intervention, users will gradually reduce and stop the use of e-cigarettes, with attractive language, photos and graphics. Results The study showed that the seven-day withdrawal rate of the special intervention group was significantly higher than that of the other two groups. During the 18-month treatment, the smoking cessation rate of the targeted special intervention was about 5-10% higher than the smoking cessation rate of the evaluation group, and the smoking cessation rate of the ordinary intervention was between the two groups. At the end of the intervention, e-cigarettes The success rate of smoking cessation in the intervention group was 38.4%, and the success rate of smoking cessation in the general intervention group was only 36.6%.
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Coincidentally, the 2020 Cochrane review of the effect of e-cigarettes on smoking cessation calculated that e-cigarettes can improve smoking cessation effects by about 6 percentage points in 6 months or longer compared with smoking cessation without e-cigarettes.
This smoking cessation intervention trial showed that e-cigarettes improved the effect of smoking cessation, especially during the 18-month intervention period and among dual users with a high degree of dependence. Whether the intervention measures are effective, the key lies in whether they can deliver the correct e-cigarette information to the public.
[Link to the original paper]
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Post time: Sep-27-2021
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