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The road to heat-not-burn development

Original Jia Jia  Atomized New World 2020-04-01
With the continuous advancement of global tobacco control policies and people’s attention to smoking harmful to health, more and more people are turning to new tobacco products. The e-liquid e-cigarette was invented by Chinese pharmacist Han Li in 2004. It has been developed for 14 years. The benchmark product IQOS, which is also a new type of tobacco product, began to be tested in Japan in 2004, IQOS has been enthusiastically praised by consumers as soon as it was launched. In the past two years, when it has swept the world, it has driven the development of the entire industry chain. Then some people are puzzled about the difference between the rising heat-not-burn electronic cigarette and the more traditional e-cigarette with e-liquid.  What is the difference between heat-not-burn cigarettes and e-cigarettes?
What is a heat-not-burn electronic cigarette
Under normal circumstances, when ordinary cigarettes are smoked, the temperature can reach up to more than 800 degrees, and more than 200 harmful substances will be produced in the temperature range of 370°C to 600°C. Heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes, “low-temperature cigarettes” designed with the idea of ​​”heat-not-burn”, low-temperature cigarettes work in the range of 250-350 degrees, The tobacco leaves in the special pod can be heated just enough to give off the flavor and tobacco taste, and the harmful substances that produce traditional cigarettes are avoided when the temperature is lower than 350 degrees without burning. Judging from the results, heating non-burning electronic cigarettes, less nicotine, no tar, no soot, no open flames, and no second-hand smoke hazards! From the structure point of view, the structure of the heat-not-burn e-cigarette is similar, mainly including the battery, the main board, and the heating rod/heating film.
Nicotine Free Cigarettes
Judging from the personal experience of e-cigarette information and friends, the use of heat-not-burn e-cigarettes can have a good effect of reducing the harm of cigarettes. The most basic method of replacing cigarettes is to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. There are deep feelings, such as no longer coughing at night, waking up early and no more phlegm, etc.
Furthermore, using heat-not-burn e-cigarettes, you can smoke freely.
Except for special occasions, there is no need to avoid smoking
There is no soot and smell, so it won’t bother people around.
Get a lot of freedom
It smokes in the car, does not burn the interior, and there is no soot fluttering
I smoke at work, and the girl opposite seems to have no objection
Goodbye at home, goodbye on balcony, goodbye in toilet
If you are headstrong, you can also smoke in bed
Moreover, it is more convenient and safer to lose cigarette butts after smoking, and will not cause fire or fire.
E-liquid e-cigarettes are electronic products that are similar to cigarettes, and some e-cigarettes have the same appearance as cigarettes. After 14 years of evolution, the e-cigarette has a rich and diverse appearance. No matter what shape it is, the principle is the same. It uses a low-pressure microelectronic atomization device to pass a solution with tobacco flavor and nicotine through a heated mist. It turns into smoke and is used by smokers, so it also has the action of smoking cigarettes. But in the editor’s opinion, it has not become a substitute for cigarettes but has become popular as a toy. Smoking it and playing is a kind of fun for players.
The material added to the e-liquid type electronic cigarette is naturally e-liquid. E-liquid is generally a mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol, and flavor. More players named it: a hand-held electronic device that atomizes perfumed liquid. Fun is the main reason for the popularity of e-cigarettes with e-cigarettes. Compared with heat-not-burn e-cigarettes, its growth rate is relatively slow. In my opinion, the main reason for e-cigarettes is that e-cigarette with e-liquid Before they became popular among people, they had entered an adult “player” market, and this market was dominated by young people.
Vape, derived from e-cigarettes and vapor, is already a culture among players. At present, most e-cigarette experience stores are very “sub-culture”: the clerk dresses up street style with tattoos, baseball caps, or loose clothes (the same goes for those who show e-cigarettes on video sites). If there is a TV in the store, you are likely to see a video of the player spitting out smoke rings, the background music may be hip-hop or electronic music, and there will be some scenes of skateboarding, modified cars, or hip-hop.
OS leads the trend
New tobacco products have become key products for the transformation of giants such as Philip Morris International, Imperial Tobacco, and Japan Tobacco Group. Philip Morris International’s heat-not-burn e-cigarette IQOS even helped it save its performance. In the fourth quarter of 2016, sales of “low-risk products” including IQOS increased by 60%, driving overall revenue growth. Martin Inkster, Philip Morris International’s director of operations in the UK and Ireland, said: “Our ultimate goal is to replace cigarettes with non-combustible products.”
Mini Smoke Machine
The heat-not-burn technology as a typical smoke-reducing method has emerged around the world. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has announced a total ban on smoking (including outdoor), except for new electronic cigarettes such as heat-not-burn. It can be seen that new tobacco products have gradually become a hot spot for research and development, leading to industry changes. Due to its harm-reduction properties, realistic taste, and other factors, heat-not-burn e-cigarettes have become one of the directions that tobacco giants are gradually working on, and the market scale is growing rapidly.
Which is better, heat not burn tobacco or e-cigarette?
With the continued recommendation of the tobacco control environment and the increasing emphasis on the harmful effects of smoking, new tobacco products are being valued by more and more smokers and their family members or friends.
Among them, e-liquid e-cigarettes have been developed and precipitated in China for 14 years, and the product types are relatively rich, but the product’s genes determine that its market is in the player’s market, not the smoker’s market. Therefore, even though e-cigarettes have undergone 14 years of evolution, their market share is still less than one-tenth of the tobacco market. Relatively small, and the market is mainly concentrated in the European and American regions.
However, heat-not-burn e-cigarettes have been sought after by smokers as soon as they were launched. It even took only 4 years to walk the way that e-cigarettes can only be completed for 10 years. At the same time, heat-not-burn e-cigarettes are still fast. The speed of expansion. After IQOS was stopped by the Tobacco Bureau in China, it hinted that it was still relatively active, and its smoking power for smokers and friends only increased. This has also led to many businesses that smuggled IQOS at risk. Recently, news of arrests for smuggling IQOS has been continuously exploded. But objectively speaking, the smuggling of IQOS and the development of the heat-not-burn industry should be treated differently.
Therefore, from the perspective of market demand, one product cannot satisfy all markets. Due to the different influences of various countries’ tobacco policies and consumer diversified needs, e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco products have their own living space, but from the perspective of market capacity Look, the market for smokers and friends targeted by Heat-not-burn, that is, the tobacco market, will have more room for imagination in the future.

Post time: Oct-12-2021
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