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Thousands of people have chosen to heat not burn (HNB), what about you?

As of 2019, Japan is currently the largest consumer market for heat not burn products, and South Korea jumped to the second largest consumer market in the world after Japan in less than two years after the first launch of heat not burn products. The heating tobacco products giant-PMI International Group’s heatsticks (IQOS) has around 10 million users worldwide, and this number is still growing every day. 


 Why is HNB so popular around the world?

 In fact, from 2011 to 2014, HNB tobacco products such as e-cigarettes were popular all over the world, and the harm of traditional cigarette has been increasingly valued and warned. Every smoker or smoker’s family has a common appeal: I hope they can quit smoking and be healthier.

 Everyone’s demands for health should not be ignored, even smokers.

 Of course, some people may say that if you want to be healthy, then you should not smoke.

However, we also hope that people can quit smoking for health, but since the birth of tobacco, it has been endless, with generations of “fans”.

 In recent years, tobacco control in various countries has become more and more strict, and various countries have issued laws and regulations on public tobacco control to varying degrees. But there are always people who can’t quit smoking,could he own a harm-reducing smoking product?

heat not burn-ccobato-iqos

The maintenance and construction of public health security is everyone’s responsibility and obligation, but respecting everyone’s habits is what we pursue.But quit smoking is a not easy job, we hope to provide more harm-reducing products so that the harm caused by smoking can be reduced gradually.

 The appearance of HEAT NOT BURN HERBAL STICKS is to protect the habit of smokers, and it is also a kind of protection the people around smokers. Now the global attitude towards heat not burn products can be seen, people welcomed this tobacco alternative products, and more and more people have joined the use of harm reduction tobacco alternative products-heat not burn(HNB) team, building a smoke-free world in the near future.

Through the heating technology, this herbal cigarette can reduce the harm of smoking substantially on the basis of having a taste similar to real tobacco. It is indeed a healthier choice than traditional cigarette or e cigarette.According to data from the British Centers for Disease Control, 11.7% of smokers in the UK have tried heat not burn products, and some experts say that the smoking rate will drop to 12% by 2020, and a smoke-free future is in progress.

In fact, the world tobacco control campaign has been in action, and the smoking rate in various countries has been declining, but the decline is not large enough, and there are still more than one billion smokers in the world. One billion smokers, a huge number, society needs to provide better solutions for these adult smokers. Heat not burn herbal sticks is a better choice at present.



CCOBATO is committed to providing a health cigarette alternative for every adult smoker

 Hope that smokers can quit smoking as soon as possible.

Post time: Jul-17-2020


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