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Tobacco vs health? Heat not burn may be the most breakthrough solution

In 1843, French tobacco companies began to produce Spanish-style cigars and officially named their products “cigarettes”. For more than a century afterwards, cigarettes had a huge impact on modern civilization. So far, more than 1 billion people in the world consume tobacco products. However, as people’s awareness of health continues to improve, people’s views on tobacco have also begun to change.

In 2014, PMI introduced heat-not-burn for the first time in Japan, creating a new era of heated tobacco. This has become a very important step in the process of reducing the harm of tobacco.

Reducing the harm of tobacco to consumers has become the common goal of the tobacco industry, and well-known tobacco companies in the world have begun to turn to heat-not-burn.

heatnotburn device

Heat not burn products may be changing the dilemma between tobacco and health. From the article published in “Reader” in 1924 to the present, a century has passed. Although there have been more social discussions and technological improvements, the emergence of heat-not-burn technology is likely to bring a breakthrough solution to this problem. Program.

Heat not burn has completely made a breakthrough in technology and changed the way of using tobacco. Tobacco has been inseparable from the day it was born. This time, complete combustion is completely separated from tobacco, and a new revolutionary smoking method controlled by electronic systems Formally embarking on the stage of history, the tobacco industry is proactively using the new technologies of the new century this time and is driving the third revolutionary breakthrough.

Post time: Jun-15-2021
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