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What different between Heat Herbal sticks and Heat Tobacco?

In 2020, the topic of “low-temperature Heat Herbal sticks” has suddenly become popular. Some people say that this is a new development direction in the field of heat not burn, and some practitioners have high hopes.

For many people, “herbal heat sticks” is something unfamiliar, or even unheard of. What kind of product is this and what is the connection with HNB tobacco?

Before we dive into that question, let’s look at what an HNB tobacco.The HNB is a Heat Not Burn. The HNB is a Heat Not Burn. In the industry, HNB generally refers to the heat not burn tobacco products, also called low temperature Hnb tobacco (cigarette) products. Unlike the traditional cigarettes, E-herbal are designed to heat tobacco just enough to emit flavor without igniting the leaves. Under normal circumstances, ordinary cigarettes are smoked at 350°C to 600°C when the high temperature will produce many harmful substances, while low-temperature cigarettes are below 300°C, harmful substances will be reduced.



Because heat not burn tobacco products in the part of the bullet, is actually made of “tobacco sheet”, is a type of cut tobacco form, is a new type of cigarette, belongs to the national monopoly of tobacco products. Therefore, “heat not burn” heatsticks are included in the regulatory scope, without the tobacco monopoly license prohibited sales. Those who illegally deal in such products will be punished as smuggling cigarettes.

Because of the current situation of the market, and try to bypass the policy restrictions, so low temperature herbal heatsticks emerged. Electronic herbal, also known as “heat not burn smoke free products”, “non-tobacco heatsticks”. In fact, low-temperature herbal heatsticks work in the same way that heated tobacco products do not burn, namely HNB(heat not burn).The difference is that the tobacco heatsticks part of herbal heatsticks does not contain tobacco ingredients, and mainly uses tea, ginkgo leaves, flowers and other natural herbs as raw materials Medica) at low temperature is not burning heatsticks are widely used in heating equipment, the advantage of the characteristics of HNB heating of the low temperature characteristics of substance in the medica released outside incense, aroma, and add the ingredients, to satisfy smokers suction smoke, can also through the composition such as plant extracts or nicotine salt to strengthen throat feeling, solve the problem of smokers nicotine intake, at the same time reduce cravings.

Low-temperature herbal heatsticks, to some extent, can avoid the existing policy provisions, for enterprises in the field of heating and combustion to find a way out of compliance.

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Post time: Apr-26-2021


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