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Why can e-cigarettes attract young people?

Fun is the key to the popularity of electronic cigarettes among young people. “Electronic cigarettes are, to a certain extent, a highly playable electronic product, which is quite attractive to the’post-90s’ generation, especially the ’95′ generation of aborigines on the Internet. They are naturally curious about electronic products In addition, e-cigarettes are packaged into a trendy fashion culture, which is easier to attract the attention of young people. Inducing young people is the biggest drawback of e-cigarettes.

Out of the lure of huge profits, tobacco products have always been eyeing the campus. Many places have passed regulations that “tobacco sales are prohibited within 100 meters of the school”, so that cigarette stalls have gradually moved away from the gates of universities, middle schools and primary schools. But some unscrupulous merchants are afraid to sell cigarettes, so they are eyeing e-cigarettes. Compared with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes of 20 yuan each are cheaper and can last for a long time, which is very cost-effective for teenagers with limited financial resources. At the same time, e-cigarettes have a dazzling appearance and many flavors, which are very easy to arouse the curiosity of minors, who think they are cool and fun. Therefore, when the whole society is still paying attention to the prohibition of tobacco sales around campuses, e-cigarettes have quietly passed through many stationery stores and flowed into the pockets of students.

Compared with cigarettes, these e-cigarettes sold at school gates not only have all the harmful effects of tobacco, but the quality of their workshops also brings more hidden dangers in health, which is very harmful to the physical and mental health of minors. But to achieve regulation, there are indeed many obstacles. For students, the school has the responsibility of education, but the scope is limited to the school gate, and it is impossible for teachers to follow the students to check whether they smoke. Parents have plenty of heart but are not strong enough. Although they are incompatible with unscrupulous traders, they can only verbally condemn them in addition to reporting. Regulatory power is difficult to start, because unlike cigarettes that are subject to the dual supervision of the Market Supervision Administration and the Tobacco Monopoly Administration, the vague identity of e-cigarettes allows regulators to only follow the “Product Quality Law” and treat them from “three no products”. Penalties from different angles will undoubtedly greatly delay the efficiency of law enforcement. “The visible can’t be controlled, and the managed can’t be seen.” The dilemma of supervision gives e-cigarettes room for barbaric growth.

Post time: Jan-12-2021


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