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Why Heat Not Burn(HNB) products Harm Reduction?

Harm reduction has long been the consensus and goal of the tobacco industry. Because, a traditional cigarette can be more harmful than you can imagine.

Some studies have shown that a traditional cigarette smoking under standard conditions produces about 400 mg of smoke, of which 75.9% is air, 19.6% is gas and 4.5% is granular. Conventional cigarettes can reach temperatures of more than 600 °C when burned, so in addition to releasing nicotine, thousands of chemicals are produced, And in the confirmed analysis of more than 4850 flue gas components showed that 99.4% of the components are harmless to human body and 0.6% are classified as harmful by different research reports, Of the 0.6%, 0.2% were carcinogenic or possibly carcinogenic.

Among them, tar, nicotine, phenols, alcohols, aldehydes and other toxic and carcinogenic substances, Tar, nicotine, CO, Tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) and 3,4-benzo pyrene (BaP) are harmful to human body.

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Harmful ingredients recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) for priority control

World-renowned tobacco companies have been exploring ways to reduce tobacco harm for decades, until the advent of HNB (Heat Not Burn) tobacco. The heating system in the HNB device may be an external heat source for separating nicotine from specially designed cigarettes (e.g. iQOS and Glo), It may also be heated sealed chambers to directly atomize nicotine in tobacco leaves (e.g. Ploom and Pax).

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) definition, HNB tobacco products typically use battery-powered heating systems to heat specially made cigarette components to 350 ° C, Less harmful substances are released than conventional cigarettes, which burn at 600 ° C to 800 ° C.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a well-known tobacco harm reduction expert, e-cigarette expert and medical expert on heart disease, has compared the hydroxyl emissions of HNB tobacco with conventional cigarettes in 2018. Compared with conventional cigarettes, harmful substances in HNB tobacco use were reduced by more than 90%.

Heat Not Burn Products

The new species that really drive the industry are often the ones that continue to prove their worth through the passage of time and technological advances amid doubts. We are also pleased to find that many developed countries around the world have recognized the efficacy of HNB(heat not burn). The United States has officially licensed Marlboro MRTP (harm-reducing cigarette products) and given the heating product tax advantages over conventional cigarettes. The UK Department of Health has issued a statement on the mitigation characteristics of heat not burn products, which in principle acknowledges the mitigation results of this category of products.

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China is the largest tobacco country in the world. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, there are about 3500 million smokers, accounting for nearly 30% of the world’s smokers. The need to reduce harm goes without saying. Heat not burn Tobacco has brought more powerful development momentum and broader development space for world-renowned tobacco companies, and also provides an excellent solution to the needs of smokers around the world, including China.

Post time: Aug-06-2021
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