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CCOBATO Newsroom

  • Firstquarter sales of HNB increased significantly in 2021!

    Philip Morris’ HNB sales in the first quarter of 2021 increased significantly Phillip Morris International (PMI) announced its results for the first quarter of 2021, according to Cigarette News. The company’s net income in the first quarter was $7.59 billion, up from $7.15 billion in the s...
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  • Discussion Forum on technical exchange and development of HnB Herbal products industry

    With the rise of public health awareness and the major success of Heat not Burn (HnB) products overseas, the Heat not burn (HnB) industry has entered a golden age in the development of new tobacco in the past two years. The market demand and technological advancement of heat not burn have made a ...
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  • What different between Heat Herbal sticks and Heat Tobacco?

    In 2020, the topic of “low-temperature Heat Herbal sticks” has suddenly become popular. Some people say that this is a new development direction in the field of heat not burn, and some practitioners have high hopes. For many people, “herbal heat sticks” is something unfami...
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    On April 9th, the 104th China Food & Dinks Fair successfully concluded at Chengdu Western Expo. This exhibition is the largest food and drink exhibition in Asia. CCOBATO has been carefully prepared. With its high-reduced tobacco taste and health replacement tobacco, CCOBATO herbal heatsticks...
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  • Research: Heat Not Burn E Cigarette products led to a sharp decline in cigarette sales in Japan

    Cigarette sales across Japan have been hit hard since the introduction of heat not burn into Japan, a new study shows. It is reported that Japan is the world’s ninth largest cigarette market, but the smoking rate is still very high, but the introduction of heat not burn has a significant e...
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  • Taste:The core factor that affects consumer choice Heat Not burn or e-cigarette

    As a low-risk alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette consumers have two core demands: “health appeal” and “taste appeal” — not only less harmful, but also the smoking experience needs to be similar to traditional cigarettes, and the taste needs to be what...
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  • Heat Not Burn(HNB) industry will develop faster

    Recently, the global tobacco giant Philip Morris International (Marlboro Company) 2020 financial report showed that its Heat Not Burn(HNB) product: IQOS Heatsticks shipped 76.111 billion sticks, has accounted for the annual total shipments of Philip Morris International (including traditional cig...
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  • Development status and trend analysis of Heat not burn tobacco in 2020

      Under the pressure of increasing health awareness, the sales of traditional tobacco dropped from 121.169 million boxes in 2014 to 110.214 million boxes in 2018. At this stage, countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea ha...
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  • Why can e-cigarettes attract young people?

    Fun is the key to the popularity of electronic cigarettes among young people. “Electronic cigarettes are, to a certain extent, a highly playable electronic product, which is quite attractive to the’post-90s’ generation, especially the ’95′ generation of aborigines on...
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  • CCOBATO&UNICCO-Assisted smoking reduction and cessation plan

    As we all know, quitting smoking is easy to say and easy to do, but it is difficult to succeed. Everyone who smokes thinks that he can easily defeat tobacco, but in the end he is still led by the addiction to the devil and can’t stop it. How hard is it to quit smoking? The success rate of q...
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  • Which brand of heat-not-burn heater is better?

    Because the harmfulness of smoking is significantly reduced, and the smoking experience is very similar to that of traditional cigarettes, and at the same time, it has a sense of technology and fashion due to the use of electronic equipment. Therefore, in the international market, the heater of i...
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  • UNICCO heat non-burn cartridges -New flavor released

    On the eve of the Chinese New Year, CCOBATO’s heat-not-burn e-cigarette brands- UNICCO, took the lead in launching a new flavored HNB cartridge-Fresh Lemon, which will give everyone a taste feast and surprise in winter. Just like the brand concept of “health, harm reduction” conveyed ...
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