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NO Tobacco


CCOBATO, heat not burn herbal sticks for Mainstream heating devices on the market.

CCOBATO is tobacco-FREE product. It doesn't contain nicotine, no tobacco tar, no formaldehyde, no heavy metal. All materials are food grade materials.

Heat-not-burn Products vs Cigarettes

Heat-not-burn products are different from cigarettes. They heat real tobacco or non-tobacco natural herbs within a specific temperature range, usually using an electronic heat-control system, to prevent it from burning. The user inhales a vapor, not smoke. When lit, cigarettes burn tobacco at temperatures above 600°C, flaring to more than 800°C when a smoker takes a puff. In the process, they create smoke, ash, tar, and high levels of harmful chemicals. By eliminating combustion, scientifically substantiated heat-not-burn products, while not risk free, are designed to significantly reduce the levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarette smoke.  There are differences between Heat-not-burn products and Cigarettes:

Heat-not-burn Products vs E-cigarettes

Heat-not-burn products and e-cigarettes (also known as vapes, and e-vapor products) are two smoke-free alternatives which – when scientifically substantiated and regulated – share one crucial purpose. They can provide a better alternative to cigarettes for adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking. But there are differences between Heat-not-burn products and e-cigarettes, and adult smokers should know about them. Here they are, along with some similarities:

CCOBATO is known as non-tobacco heatsticks. Our Heat-not-burn products only heat natural spice. Through the nicotine substitution method and the unique “authentic tobacco flavoring method” and the most suitable heating temperature, consumers can enjoy a better taste while reducing odor. Compared with traditional cigarettes, potentially harmful ingredients are reduced by more than 90%,in the same time,it bring real smoke taste for you!

The inventor of CCOBATO, has been studying smokers for decades, and familiar with the habits of smokers and their preferences. That's why he insists on heating and not burning natural spice in the device. The best choice for any adult smoker is to quit nicotine altogether. However, for those adult smokers who do not quit, they deserve better alternatives.

Going smoke-free is a very personal experience. There's no one way that works for everyone.

The heating process generates a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor. And since the tobacco does not burn, the le vels of harmful chemicals are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke. 

We currently have two heated tobacco products in our portfolio: CCOBATO and UNICCO.

Let us witness the growth and breakthrough of CCOBATO nicotine free Heat-Not-Burn products in this new year!


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