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Short Description:

  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Formaldehde Free
  • No Tar
  • No Flame
  • No Chemical

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Unicco Heat Not Burn Herbal Heat Sticks(E-Herbal Heets)is a revolutionary health product(nicotine free,heavy metal free,formaldehyde free,no tar),which will bring you the best or familiar heat-not-burn smoking feeling on the base of without any tobacco.Ccobato herbal heatstick is made from tea which is picked from exclusive tea base.The original technology of molecular extraction and recondensation was used to extract the components of herbals.It is made of natural aloes,elegant and mysterious oriental style,with lasting fragrance.Through original technology of molecular extraction &recondensation to extract the components of herbals.


Natural Not addictive No harm

UNICCO successfully passing the JFRL certification which is the strictest test in Japan.That means UNICCO goes to the center of the world’s high-end market stage.The company obtained the “JFRL Certificate” issued by Japan Food Analysis Center regarding raw materials for heat-not-burn herbal stick and their ingredients are safe and harmless. This is the first Heat-not-burn non tobacco products to achieve this certification. Every UNICCO heat not burn herbal sticks has filled the natural breath and the spirit of science!

Oil E-cigarette / UNICCO / IQOS


Oil E-cigarette Raw materials:PG,VG essence Addictive substance:contains a rtificial synthetic purified nicotine salt


IQOS Raw materiai:Tobacco Addictive:Nicotine


Forbidden the use for minors Forbidden the use of Pregnant and lactating women, patients with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, the product should be stored in shady,backlit enviroment, and should away from children. Please use it reasonably according to your own situation. If you feel unwell,stop using it immediately.

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