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Faatatau ia tatou

CCOBATO tautino e tuuina NICOTINE-saoloto CIGIRETTE SUBSTITURE, MA ATILI naunau e tuuina mai ai tagata uma i se fono ulaula maloloina

Ccobato (Shenzhen) Technology Ltd was established in April 2019. The company has been committed to providing diversified health cigarette alternative products for consumers with different needs, and always adhere to ‘’with healthy mentality, produce healthy products, share health life‘’ as the core ideology of the company.




  • CCOBATO Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco free sticks welcome in Japan


    In recent years, influenced by the tobacco laws and regulations in many countries or social factors, the global tobacco consumption continues to decline with each passing years. In the background of the decline of traditional cigarette sales all over the world, the sales volume of heat not burn p...

  • A new generation of CCOBATO2.0 opens a new era of Heat-not-Burn platform


    Since established, CCOBATO has determined to provide smokers with a healthy cigarettes alternative, and constantly innovates existing technologies in the field of Heat Not Burn. After three years of exploration and accumulation, the new generation of CCOBATO 2.0 has been fully upgraded. Today, CC...

  • A New Generation of Heat Not Burn Herbal Sticks technology – CCOBATO2.0 temperature control technology


    As now a day,people pursue a healthy life, and pay more attention to the quality of all aspects of products. A succeed, high-quality products need to continue to explore, improve and achieve innovative breakthroughs. After three years of Optimization and upgrade herbal heets sticks, the new gener...

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