Heat-Not-Burn Herbal Sticks-Peach Flavors

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  • Nicotine free
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Formaldehde Free
  • No Tar
  • No Flame
  • No Chemial

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Product Detail:
Heated Herbal Sticks -Non Tobacco Non Nicotine Cigarette Alternatives-Peach flavor



  • No Tobacco: Our product is a mixture of herbal materials and natural spice. No tobacco is added as to avoid the potential harm of tobacco. (Cigarette-unlike)
  •  No Tar: The way to intake our product is to use with the heat-not-burn tobacco product/ smoke-free product at low temperature baking. The temperature is set at around 300°C as to release the smell of the stick and without tar.
  • No nicotine: Our product does not add any nicotine or nicotine salt, there is no worries for safety. (Cigarette-unlike)
  • No Heavy metal Free:It is a reolutionary health product,which is made from natural organic herbals
  • No formlehyde:The formaldehyde ontent in the cigarette gas produced by the solide lter nozzle is 0.52mg/m3,in liquid e cigarette is 0.06mg/m3,but in Ccobato is zero.
  • No addiction: Our product does not contain any other subtance that could lead to addiction. There will not be physical reliance as it can be quit easily.
  • Follow cigarette design concept: Our product follows the design of traditional cigarette products. Through the blending of different herbs and natural spice, we are able to create welcoming smell, smoothing taste, less stimulant to throat, a satisfy aftertaste is guaranteed. We jump out of the boundary of cigarette and allowed to reach a wide and free room for creation.
  • Great Alternative. Quit Smoking

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