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Ccobato & Unicco | Advanced Heat-Not-Burn (HNB) OEM, ODM Supplier & Manufacturer

Working together to create a smoke-free world.
The market for “heat-not-burn (HNB)” products is currently in a rapid growth phase.
We are constantly reinventing ourselves to provide superior production services.

Developing & Manufacturing Heat-Not-Burn Products

  • Nicotine-free heat-not-burn sticks
  • Nicotine heat-not-burn sticks
  • Patent protection
  • Close to the real cigarette taste
  • Rapid development of flavors
  • Mass production
  • Stable quality

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One-Stop Heat-Not-Burn Solution

  • Dry herb vaporizer factory
  • Ultra-Microcellular Technology platform
  • METEX technology for customized heating devices
  • Joint research & development
  • Packaging design & manufacture

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Proprietary Brand Licensing

  • Mature brands
  • Wholesale
  • Competitive prices
  • Support by a dedicated service team
  • Exclusive customization options

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The Secret of the Highly Tobacco-Like Taste:
Ultra-Microcellular Technology

After years of research and development, our company has developed a unique product structure and manufacturing process, for which it has established a patent moat.
Furthermore, our company provides a full range of services such as independent product development, brand customization, and large-scale production.

  • Exclusive patented technology platform
  • Cost advantage
  • Wide range of available plant materials
  • Ability to rapidly expand and adapt to large scale production
  • High regulatory performance
  • Smoking effect excellence
  • High homogenization
  • Highly customizable
  • Preserve the original flavors of the materials
  • Less nicotine loss
  • heat conduction with uniform

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Heat-Not-Burn (HNB) Manufacturability

Ccobato benefits from the Ultra-Microcellular Technology platform,
which offers the advantage of rapid capacity expansion and enables your brand to quickly capture the market.

Independent Brands

Our own brand products have already been sold in over 30 countries with good feedback.
They are the best proof of the maturity and reliability of Ultra-Microcellular Technology.

Nicotine-free Heated Herbal Sticks

Nicotine-free herbal sticks are not made from tobacco but from selected tea.
Based on an exclusive herbal formula, we create a tobacco-like taste through our unique flavoring technology.
And with the addition of fruity capsules enriched by modern food technology, we create a unique smoking experience.

Heated Herbal Sticks with Nicotine

Unicco is tobacco-free heated herbal sticks with nicotine salt.
Nicotine salts and exclusive extracts of core materials are added to provide a taste experience close to a genuine cigarette.

Why Choose Ccobato Technology?

Professional Employees

Years of experience
Tobacco Flavorist

& Regions

Production of Heat Herbal Sticks
Per Day

Operating Areas

Square Meters

Square Meters

Square Meters

Square Meters

Certifications and Patents

Are you looking for a professional and reliable heat-not-burn (HNB) OEM and ODM company? Then Ccobato is your best choice.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of heat-not-burn products in China. We offer high-quality heat-not-burn (HNB) products and heat devices at the most competitive cost.

We have a patent moat for our own heat-not-burn technology, including recipes, flavors, processes, automated production equipment, design, and so on.

The company’s factory and products have received MSDS, TPD, JRFL, and other certifications.

Reach a Higher Level Together

Ccobato is a pioneering company in the heat-not-burn (HNB) industry. Ccobato is the reverse of Tobacco and also reflects the original intent of Ccobato’s health philosophy.

Finding the best OEM/ODM company for your required product is not easy. However, we are proud that Ccobato has a unique patent on heat-not-burn technology and can provide a one-stop service for heat-not-burn (HNB) solutions.

The core element of our products is flavor, and specialization in flavoring is the key to taste. The Ccobato flavor team is made up of the elites in the industry, and the chief flavorist has more than 30 years of previous experience in flavoring tobacco, providing personalized and customized product services.

If you are looking for a comprehensive manufacturing solution for heat-not-burn (HNB) products, Ccobato is your trusted choice. Ccobato offers you a comprehensive service, including design, manufacturing, packaging, inspection, and final shipping.

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