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HNB is an abbreviation for Heat Not Burn, generally referring to Htps (heated tobacco products) or Thps (tobacco heated products) of novel tobacco products. HNB products which come in various flavors for users’ enjoyment serve the function of harm reduction and smoking quitting. There is a high threshold in the tobacco products industry. Requirements for the … Read more

Differences Between Cigarette Tar and Nicotine

We know that cigarettes are harmful to health. Cigarettes release a large number of harmful chemicals after combustion. And those toxic chemicals are the main sources of smokers’ medical conditions. Among them, carbon monoxide, cigarette tar and nicotine are most familiar to us.    As for carbon monoxide, we learn that it is a poisonous … Read more

The Origin of the Name Ccobato

Ccobato is the reverse of Tobacco. When described as a syllable, it is pronounced backwards to-ba-cco, i.e. cco-ba-to. Ccbato, ccabato, coobato, ccobata, ccofato, ccobaco, cocobato, ccobata, cobato, ccbato, cobacco, cobatto, ccobata are some common misspellings of the names. Several years ago, inspired by Heated Tobacco Products, an internationally renowned tobacco company for harm reduction, and … Read more

Merits of Heat-not-burn Products

What are heat-not-burn products? Heat-not-burn products are also known as heated tobacco products (HTPs) or tobacco heating products (THPs). They were produced against the background of creating a smoke-free future. Tobacco or alternative herbal leaves like tea are heated in heat-not-burn products. It is a novel type of electronic device delivering reduced-risk aerosol. Unlike vapes or … Read more

10+ Reasons To Vape Without Nicotine

Most people consider smoking and vaping to be in the same category. However, this is untrue. Vaping is a safer, fun alternative to smoking. To most people, it is just a fantastic way of consuming Nicotine, but to me, it is a way to keep away from it. If you are looking for a way … Read more