The Next Generation of Heat-Not-Burn
Herbal Stick Structure Technology –
Ultra-Microcellular Technology

Ccobato pioneered an integrated structural technology for heat-not-burn sticks. Ultra-Microcellular Technology is based on a combination of technologies including structural theory, microwaves, cryogenic expansion, microbiology, and food chemistry. Ccobato holds an exclusive patent on this technology.

With this technology and unique formulations, Ccobato offers users smokeless heat-not-burn products that resemble traditional tobacco.

Our technology enables us to crush the raw materials of herbal plants such as tobacco and tea, add smoke agents and spices, and mix them well. Then, the ultra-microcellular structure is made.

Compared with the traditional and complex sheet technology, ultra-microcellular technology innovates and optimizes the process and equipment structure based on the premise that high-quality products are ensured. The immediate advantage of a simplified production process and equipment structure is that the production line is less costly and easy to operate and maintain.

The production process does not cause an unnecessary or unwanted chemical reaction between raw materials and spices. The original quality of the material is well preserved. As a result, a wide range of plant materials are available for the process. It is very adaptable.

Ultra-Microcellular Technology

The Characteristics of Ultra-Microcellular Technology

Highly restoring the taste of traditional cigarettes

With the next-generation solutions of ultra-microcellular technology, natural herbs are used as the primary materials of heat-not-burn herbal sticks whose physical and chemical properties are closer to traditional tobacco.

Different from the use of blended oil, heat herbal sticks can bring the user a more intense and natural flavor, highly restoring the user’s experience of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Efficient flavor development

This makes the development of different flavors more efficient. In addition, this allows us to launch new flavors, personalize flavors, and capture the market in a relatively short time according to customer needs.

Localized flavor customization

Ultra-microcellular technology enables our company to develop localized flavors to meet customers’ unique local flavor requirements.

We break the boundaries of shape, color, and flavor between multiple herbs through molecular extraction and reconcentration techniques. Based on an exclusive herbal formula, we create a tobacco-like taste through our unique flavoring technology. And with the addition of fruity capsules enriched by modern food technology, we create a unique smoking experience.

A more comfortable experience

Tens of thousands of ultra-microcellular structures in the raw material area create a smoother and richer aerosol, fabulous taste, and exceptional experience.

Higher satisfaction and a more pleasant mood

With a formula that contains natural nicotine salt, the ultra-microcellular structure creates a pure and smooth aerosol that dramatically improves nicotine delivery efficiency and gives you a more enjoyable experience.

Low cost, high quality, fully automation, and large scale

Compared with the traditional slice technology, ultra-microcellular technology simplifies the process and reduces the costs of the production line while delivering high-quality heat-not-burn sticks.

Under the international inspection standard, the process can guarantee the high and stable quality of the product.

No paper burning taste

Heat-not-burn herbal sticks with ultra-microcellular technology feature loose structure, uniform heat conduction, no burning smell, and no paper burning odor.

Reduction of residues

Unlike other forms of heat-not-burn sticks with loose structures, this technology reduces residues, helps us put less effort into the cleaning and maintenance of the heater, and considerably extends its service life.

Heat-Not-Burn products VS Vapes

There is a tendency for governments to introduce tighter restrictions on vapes such as restrictions on flavor and online sales.

The flavors of heat-not-burn products are closer to traditional tobacco than vapes. Compared to traditional tobacco products, the toxicity of heat-not-burn products is much lower.

Heat-not-burn products can provide smokers with a similar taste and experience of cigarettes while significantly reducing physical harm to smokers.

Pod Mod (Close Pod System)Pod Mod (Open Pod System)Heat-Not-Burn SticksTraditional Tobacco
PrincipleAtomized E-LiquidAtomized E-LiquidHeated Tobacco / Herbals without BurningBurning of Tobacco
IngredientGlycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine (Salt), and SpicesGlycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine (Salt), and SpicesReprocessed tobacco (or Herbal, Tea, etc.). Spices, Glycerine, and Propylene GlycolTobacco, Tobacco Paper, and Flame Retardants
Frequency of UseOne or More Times. E-liquids Need Changing.Multiple Times, Rechargeable.Multiple Times. Sticks Need Changing. Disposable.
PortabilityMore PortableLarge VolumeMore PortableMore Portable
TasteThe taste of ordinary e-liquid is quite different from that of cigarettes.The taste of ordinary e-liquid is quite different from that of cigarettes.Closer to Tobacco than Vapes/
Amount of vapors/aerosol/smokeLarge and Easily DissipatedLarge and Easily DissipatedLessMiddle
Releases8% of Traditional Tobacco8% of Traditional Tobacco5% of Traditional Tobacco/
Cytotoxicity9% of Traditional Tobacco9% of Traditional Tobacco5% of Traditional Tobacco/
Nicotine ContentDetermined by E-LiquidDetermined by E-LiquidLessHigh
Tobacco Tar ContentNoNoLessHigh
Impact on OthersLessLessLessHigh
PriceLowerLowHighIt Depends.
Technical  BarriersLessLessHigh/
Product PositioningTargeting youthful users, taking the lead in young fashion, and reducing the harm of cigarettes. Many young individuals, for example, vape for making clouds rather than seeking sensory comfort and satisfaction.Targeting youthful users, taking the lead in young fashion, and reducing the harm of cigarettes. Many young individuals, for example, vape for making clouds rather than seeking sensory comfort and satisfaction.Targeting Smokers and Reducing Tobacco’s Harmful Effects/

* Data comes from securities analysis reports.