Ccobato Heat-not-burn Product Co-packing Services

Are you looking for a proven co-packer for your heat-not-burn products? Ccobato has state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities, including dedicated cleanroom space. We are experts in contract manufacturing and co-packing with many years of experience in manufacturing heat-not-burn products. We offer reliable co-packing services, labeling, formulation consulting, etc. Our experienced team and our large and flexible warehouse can handle quick turnaround of projects.

What is co-packing?

Co-packer is also referred to as a “cooperative packager”. Co-packing offers a complete turnkey solution, which includes manufacturing and packaging of your heat-not-burn products. 

Our co-packing team offers complete manufacturing solutions for those seeking the ideal packaging partner. From brand concept to flavor development and distribution, our knowledgeable staff and co-packing experts provide turnkey solutions to ensure your finished product is always ready and can get to market quickly.

Why should you choose Ccobato as a co-packing partner for your brand of heat-not-burn sticks?

It is not always easy to choose the right co-packer. As your partner, our team aims to provide cost-effective and excellent services throughout our relationship. We’re here to help your business thrive with our expertise in the heat-not-burn area.

Quality and Excellence

When looking for a manufacturer of heat-not-burn sticks, we hope you could consider our outstanding standards. We always keep the high quality and unique flavor of our heat-not-burn sticks.

One-stop Service

Whether you’re just starting a heat-not-burn products business, looking to launch a new product line as an experienced business owner, or growing into the co-packing step, you can depend on us and find any service you want here.

Competitive Pricing 

We offer competitive pricing for our private label products and services of manufacturing and co-packing. We want to provide you with quality products and packaging at affordable prices so that you can in turn do the same for your customers by offering them top-quality products at reasonable prices. The more you order, the more money you can save.

Communication and Quality Customer Service

We understand the vital role that communication plays in all business transactions. As a well-established company proficient in private label manufacturing and co-packing, we can answer any questions you may have and will assist you at every step of the process. We are committed to being transparent and upfront with you in all of our interactions, from our initial discussion of all of your private label and co-packing options to the successful delivery of the desired product. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers, so we are committed to providing you with excellent customer service.

Timeliness and Efficiency

As your co-packer, our priority is to ensure that your high-quality products hit the shelves as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our manufacturing services are timely and comply with all industry standards. We are committed to fast turnaround and delivery through our services.

High Safety and Health Standards

We always strive to ensure that our workspaces meet the most stringent safety and health standards in the industry. We have a responsibility to provide your customers with safe and healthy products. We adhere to high standards of practice and procedure to achieve maximum productivity responsibly. 


Our team understands the importance and originality of your brand and its formulations. Before producing your heat-not-burn sticks, each customer is provided with a production contract and confidentiality agreement to ensure the confidentiality of your formula. We want to assure you that Ccobato offers complete confidentiality whether we use your formula, our formula or any combination we create for you.

Would you like to visit our facilities?

No problem. We work from Monday to Friday. Please let us know and we will give you priority in getting in here. We look forward to doing business with you!