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What does Ccobato do?

Ccobato focuses on the development and production of heat-not-burn e-cigarettes and provides OEM/ODM/OBM services to global customers. Work on a one-stop solution service platform for heat-not-burn e-cigarette products. Services include flavor formulation development, OEM for devices, licensed distribution, and so on.

Where are our target markets?

We serve our global customers.

How fast are we quoting?

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday AM9: 00-PM6: 00 (Beijing time), we will offer a quote within 60 minutes.

How do I place an order?

Send a request to our sales manager.

How fast do we make Heat not burn products?

At present, our production base can reach 5,000,000 units per day. The monthly capacity reached 130,000,000 units.

Can Heat not burn products be distributed globally? How long is the shipping time?

As the product is sensitive and the customs requirements vary from country to country, please contact us for details. Our professional sales managers and staff will be able to give you a satisfactory response.

Minimum starting rate?

Our minimum order is 1 carton. A total of 10,000 sticks.

How to become a dealer? What are the conditions?

Please contact us directly and our professional sales manager will let you know how to work together.

Can we provide samples of products, mixed flavors? How long will the samples be delivered?

Free samples are available for 1 pack of each flavor, and international shipping is covered by the customer. We are normally able to ship on the same day, with shipping times ranging from about 5 to 30 days.

Will all products be tested before shipment?

Yes, we will test each product according to your test methodology to ensure quality and functionality.

What certificates have we obtained?


How do you know about the handling of your Heat not burn order?

You can be contacted by a Sales Manager for each account. Ccobato Business Hours: Monday to Friday AM9: 00-PM6: 00 (Beijing time). We will reply to your email within 2 hours of business hours. Your email will also be answered as soon as possible at other times If something is urgent, you can also call our sales manager’s cell phone.

How long has our company been established?

The Ccobato (Hongkong) was established in 2017. In 2019, established Ccobato (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., based in Shenzhen, China.

What is the composition of the Ccobato Heat herbal sticks?

Tea, mint, plant glycerin, natural spices.

What is the difference between Ccobato and Unicco?

Ccobato is nicotine-free, Unicco is with nicotine salt, both are tobacco-free.

How much puff can a heat herbal stick take?


How to use heat herbal sticks?

It should be used with a heat device. We have a matching patent-protected heat device. You can also try to use mainstream heat devices on the market. Please contact our customer service or reseller.