Mission & Vision

Ccobato’s Mission and Goal

Ccobato is the reverse of Tobacco. Our mission and goal are to provide smokers with harm-reducing and even healthy smoking products and help them live healthy lives.

Ccobato’s Vision

Building a smoke-free future together

Core Values

Sustainable Development

We focus on environmental, social, and human rights issues related to sustainable development.
Our company implements systematic environmental management. In all processes of production activities, we try to avoid the impact on the environment. At the same time, various environmental protection technologies are developed and applied.


Without team success, there is no individual success.
We provide the means and platform for our employees to talk freely, raise questions, share ideas or express concerns.


Loyalty to our commitments and responsibilities.
We market and sell our products only to adult smokers.
We warn consumers about the health effects of our products.


We act in good faith and comply fully with the law.

Customer Focus

High-quality products, first-class services
Ccobato thoroughly examines customer needs and develops products from the customer’s perspective.