About Ccobato

Leading company in the development and manufacture of Heat-Not-Burn Products

The original team of Ccobato was established in Hong Kong in 2017. Our brand founder, Mr. Hui Chi Hung, is a tobacco industry professional who has held leadership positions in well-known tobacco companies.

Over the years, Mr. Hui Chi Hung has worked on safer and less harmful smoking products that provide the same experience as traditional cigarettes. In 2018, Mr. Hui Chi Hung and his team developed HEAT HERBAL STICKS ®, a revolutionary health product.

The team traveled thousands of miles to major tea mountains and agricultural bases to select natural and healthy materials. To make even better products and satisfy our customers’ excellent smoking experiences and tastes, we have established the first technology center in the industry, which has been developing herbal sticks for three years.

Ccobato is the reverse of Tobacco, and it embodies the original heart of Ccobato’s health philosophy: “With a healthy attitude, make healthy products, share a healthy life.” Since its inception, Ccobato has actively explored the combination of health philosophy and Heat-Not-Burn technology.

Ccobato is a pioneer in Heat-Not-Burn herbal stick technology. With advanced research and development technology, strong production capacity, and a wide range of products, Ccobato has created a one-stop platform for Heat-Not-Burn total solutions.

In April 2019, Ccobato (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen. The company was established and specifically focused on developing and manufacturing heat-not-burn products. Ccobato pioneered the development of integrated structural rods through ultra-microcellular technology by fusing breakthrough technologies such as structural theory, microwaves, cryogenic expansion, microbiology, food chemistry, and so on.

Ccobato has successfully developed heat-not-burn products that resemble traditional tobacco flavors thanks to this technology and unique formulations. This technology can also be used in heated Tobacco-based sticks.

Due to the increasing demand for heat-not-burn products and the expansion of the company, Ccobato established Dongguan Ccobato Technology Co. Ltd. in 2020 and set up a professional research and development (R&D) center, a production center, a quality control center, and an automation center, which covers 10,000 square meters and employs 200+ people, including more than 20 R&D engineers.

Our factory has the latest high-end self-developed equipment. Our company hired top university automation equipment researchers to design a complete and efficient intelligent automatic production line for Ultra-Microcellular Technology. The integrated mature production line has independent intellectual property rights. In addition, there is a firm guarantee for the production and manufacturing of heat-not-burn sticks. The company is currently equipped with two high-speed Heat-Not-Burn-Sticks production lines to meet customers’ requirements. Now, our Heat-Not-Burn products reach 250,000 packs per day.

Over the years, our company and products have been certified by MSDS, TPD, CE, and JFRL. Our services include research and development of heat-not-burn products, complete one-stop solutions for heat-not-burn products, private label sales, etc.

We are confident that our services and experience will fully meet your needs. Integrity, appreciation, and innovation are the forces that lead us to success!

Why should you work with Ccobato on heat-not-burn products?

As a professional developer and manufacturer of heat-not-burn products in China, we pride ourselves on our high-quality products and excellent customer service! Ccobato offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for Heat-Not-Burn to help our customers complete their heat-not-burn projects.

Focus on what you do best

Whether your business focuses on brand development, marketing, or offline e-cigarette operations, Ccobato lets you focus on what you do best, and we can help you with flavor development and production.

Most similar to the taste of traditional cigarettes

Thanks to an exclusive patent process, ultra-microcellular technology, and unique formula, the taste of our heat-not-burn herbal sticks is very close to traditional cigarettes. Click here, contact us and ask for our high-quality samples.

Independent intellectual property rights

Our company applied for patents for heat-not-burn herbal sticks and technology such as patents on heat-not-burn structures, processes, equipment, formulations, and so on.

Industry chain support

Ccobato is committed to building a world-class heat-not-burn total solution platform, providing customers with heat-not-burn products, heating devices, and services from a single source.

Support for flavor development

More than 10 experienced flavorists and technology experts help you customize flavors. Our chief flavorist with over 30 years of flavoring experience comes from a leading tobacco company. In addition, those involved in optimizing production and product structure come from well-known food processing companies with extensive production and processing experience.

Mass production

The company currently has two production lines for heat-not-burn products. Our factory, which covers a total area of 7,000 square meters, includes a technology center, a production center, a quality control center, and an automation center.  The advanced processes and self-developed high-performance production lines with rapid scalability can ensure large-scale production. By the end of 2021, the capacity reached 5,000,000 sticks per day.

Competitive cost and quality advantages

Because ultra-microcellular technology simplifies production, and professional company operation, Ccobato’s products have a significant cost advantage while maintaining excellent product quality.

Professional packaging design

Ccobato has extensive experience in product packaging design. We are able to design unique product packaging to match the needs of our customers.

Market-proven, mature products

Ccobato’s product range has been sold to more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, with good customer feedback, market recognition, and good sales performance. You are welcome to become a Ccobato Company Brand Licensing Service partner.

Professional one-to-one customer service

Ccobato is the leading one-stop heat-not-burn products developer and manufacturer. We are committed to providing the best customer service for the heat-not-burn business. Your complete satisfaction is essential to us. Therefore, we will meet all your heat-not-burn developing and manufacturing needs.


Our company and products have been certified by MSDS, TPD, JRFL, etc.