Advanced Heat-Not-Burn
OEM, ODM Service Provider

Ccobato is one of the pioneer companies in the field of Heat-Not-Burn products, providing professional services from concept to key delivery. Ccobato is the reverse of tobacco and embodies the Ccobato health philosophy.

Our research and development team is experienced and led by a chief flavorist with over 30 years of tobacco flavoring experience.

We have a factory with an area of over 7,000 square meters, which includes a technology center, a production center, a quality control center and an automation center. We are one of the best manufacturers of heat-not-burn herbal sticks in China because our professional team is dedicated to quality control.

Ccobato is a reliable partner when seeking a comprehensive production solution that strengthens your brand competitiveness. Ccobato coordinates the entire process, including flavoring, formula, design, manufacturing, and final shipping.

The advantages of CCOBATO Heat-Not-Burn OEM、ODM

The critical factors in choosing a heat-not-burn product supplier:


The taste of the product is of fundamental importance. Only when products meet consumer tastes and expectations can they stay in the market. Therefore, it is crucial to select manufacturers with extensive experience in flavor development. Furthermore, by selecting and combining mature flavors or products flexibly, customers can quickly obtain their own products at low cost and risk. And since tastes are very subjective, why not come and try Ccobato’s products?


Different processes can affect product quality, production cost, speed of product development, expansion of product types, realization of large-scale production, etc. Therefore, Ccobato has a self-developed ultra-microcellular technology platform that meets customers’ requirements regarding cost, scalability, large-scale production, and so on.

Research and Development (R&D)

We continue to explore innovative technologies and methodologies and continuously improve our production processes. Thanks to constant innovation, we have the opportunity to achieve greater change and continually develop novel high-quality products with new flavors. In this way, we stay ahead of our competitors in terms of new technologies and flavor developments.


Not only the unique taste, but we need to pay attention to the stable quality of heat-not-burn products. It is hard to control the quality of products in the production phase since some processes are susceptible to their characteristics, Ccobato, which adopts ultra-microcellular technology, minimizes unnecessary and unwanted physical and chemical reactions between raw materials and ensures the stable quality of the product. In addition, Ccobato has a food-grade dust-free workshop. Having professional quality control personnel and equipped with advanced quality control and inspection equipment, Ccobato ensures that the quality of the products exceeds the standards.

Production Equipment

Our factory has the latest high-end self-developed equipment. Automation equipment researchers are engaged from top universities to design a complete and efficient intelligent automatic production line for ultra-microcellular technology. The mature automated production line is protected by independent intellectual property rights, which provides a solid guarantee for producing and manufacturing “heat-not-burn” products. Ccobato currently has two production lines that can be adapted to the needs of creating sticks with different flavors on small to large scales. Our assembly lines can be changed over as quickly as necessary. Therefore, our production lines are highly flexible, effectively satisfying the requirements of all our customers.


One of the advantages of the ultra-microcellular technology developed and patented by Ccobato is that the production processes and equipment are greatly simplified compared to other technologies, which significantly reduces manufacturing costs and provides customers with cost-competitive products.


Our logistics department is familiar with the essential information and processes such as customs clearance, administrative procedures, local laws, and regulations in international markets, paving the way for the global market layout of customers. Currently, our products are successfully transported to more than 30 countries.


There are strict patent laws in the heat-not-burn industry. Therefore, working with companies at risk of patent infringement can damage the company’s brand and even result in serious lawsuits. Ccobato has focused on building intellectual property moats since its inception. We have a professional legal and Intellectual Property (IP) team, and several patents for heat-not-burn sticks, including processes, formulations, and equipment. So, there is no patent risk.


Our professional production team and management team can ensure on-time delivery as best they can. Therefore, Ccobato will be able to deliver the product to the customer on time and with high quality within the agreed timeline.


Ccobato has a professional team for product packaging design. Our experienced packaging designers can customize attractive outer packaging for heaters and heating sticks. In addition, we can also provide services such as logo design, printing process guidance, etc.


Professional test certification is essential to win market and user recognition for our products. Ccobato can develop unique products that meet testing standards according to customer needs, conduct internationally recognized product testing for customers, and conduct product testing according to local requirements. We make it possible for products to obtain professional test seals for customers, earn users’ trust, and thus better penetrate the market.


Ccobato provides customers with professional one-to-one service. Our sales managers cooperate with customers in the whole process from consultation, design, production, and transportation, until the products are successfully delivered to customers, and provide perfect after-sales service. We provide full supply chain support. Both parties can participate in research and development, and develop unique new products. Our professional patent application and legal teams are well-positioned to support patent applications and create a patent pool for our customers.

Mass Production

We have a significant advantage in mass production compared to others. We can produce more than 5,000,000 sticks per day. As a result, Heat-Not-Burn is the industry that wins in volume, and we have sufficient capacity to protect our partner’s market expansion.

Turnkey Heat-Not-Burn Service

The term turnkey heat-not-burn service refers to the process where a company can handle all the production steps to develop and manufacture heat-not-burn products. As a result, it offers many quality and cost advantages. A company that provides turnkey heat-not-burn products manufacturing does not outsource various production parts but performs the entire work. The turnkey heat-not-burn solution integrates all phases of heat-not-burn products manufacturing into one service. So, you have to worry about nothing but placing an order.

Available turnkey Heat-Not-Burn service types

Turnkey Heat-Not-Burn service can be either complete turnkey or partial turnkey. Both are very similar and offer you a wide range of benefits.

Complete turnkey Heat-Not-Burn service: this includes all services related to the design and production of heat-not-burn products, such as flavor development, material procurement, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, quality control and final delivery.
Partial turnkey heat-not-burn service: this allows customers to handle sub-processes. For example, customers can provide heat-not-burn designs and specific raw materials.

We know that our customers’ time is valuable. That’s why we help our customers succeed by providing the best heat-not-burn service in China.

How to get your Heat-Not-Burn product? Order your Heat-Not-Burn production

Turn your creative and tasteful product requirements into simple documents

These simple documents are the starting point for your product. This may seem difficult. But in fact, all you need to do is write down your product ideas as simply as brainstorming.

Choose a reputable Chinese manufacturer of heat-not-burn products

Looking at our past performance, you will find that Ccobato always provides excellent design and manufacturing services for heat-not-burn products with shorter lead times. Therefore, Ccobato Company ought to be your first choice.

Contact the manufacturer, submit product requirements document and make a project assessment

You can send your product requirement file to Ccobato. We will then talk with you about the details of product design, production, distribution, etc., and then provide you with a suitable quotation. In addition, our engineering team will provide you with a thorough analysis and evaluation of each project to identify ways to meet the requirements at a lower cost. All we need is a general description of your ideas, whether it’s improving your existing products or developing new ones.

Flavor development

We have a professional research and development team responsible for developing a wide range of flavors. We have a professional R&D team, experienced process experts and flavorists who can customize heat-not-burn sticks of various flavors for you according to your needs. We can offer you the best heat-not-burn products with our latest heat-not-burn manufacturing technology platform.

Free Samples

Ccobato offers some free samples for customers to test.


We ensure that our customers’ products will pass professional certification and product compliance testing. We work closely with testing agencies to provide fast certification based on customer requirements to save our customers’ time.

Submitting orders for mass production

Once you have received your quote, you can place orders. Again, mass production will ensure the profitability of your business. Of course, if you are running a new brand, you may order products in minimum order quantity, so as to lower market risk based on sufficient tests done. Our sales team and engineers will stay in touch with you and keep you posted on the progress of all projects concerned at all stages.

Receive your product

Once your order is complete, we will deliver the product via your chosen delivery method.

Intellectual property protection

We fully develop, design, and produce your products ourselves. Ccobato and our employees strictly adhere to the NDA with our customers, and we are careful.

As a one-stop heat-not-burn product solution provider, Ccobato will be your best partner in heat-not-burn product R&D and production

Are you looking for a heat-not-burn manufacturer in China? Ccobato is the best choice for heat-not-burn suppliers. You will get the highest quality heat-not-burn products at a reasonable price.

You will get top-notch customer support from Ccobato. Our experts and knowledge teams are ready around the clock to take care of all your concerns. Once the project begins, they will guide you through every step and phase of the project.

Ccobato values customer thinking. If you have a fantastic idea, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will listen to your comments and respond as soon as possible.

Contact Ccobato and get what you think! Get instant quotes and start making your high-quality Heat-Not-Burn products.