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    On April 9th, the 104th China Food & Dinks Fair successfully concluded at Chengdu Western Expo. This exhibition is the largest food and drink exhibition in Asia. CCOBATO has been carefully prepared. With its high-reduced tobacco taste and health replacement tobacco, CCOBATO herbal heatsticks...
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  • Fashion, health and environmental protection! The heat not burn industry is growing rapidly

    With the gradual strengthening of industry supervision and the continuous improvement of industry regulations, the technology of heat not burnindustry will be further improved. This will promote the healthy and vigorous development of the whole e-cigarette and  HNB(Heatnotburn) industry At the sa...
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  • Research: Heat Not Burn E Cigarette products led to a sharp decline in cigarette sales in Japan

    Cigarette sales across Japan have been hit hard since the introduction of heat not burn into Japan, a new study shows. It is reported that Japan is the world’s ninth largest cigarette market, but the smoking rate is still very high, but the introduction of heat not burn has a significant e...
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  • Taste:The core factor that affects consumer choice Heat Not burn or e-cigarette

    As a low-risk alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette consumers have two core demands: “health appeal” and “taste appeal” — not only less harmful, but also the smoking experience needs to be similar to traditional cigarettes, and the taste needs to be what...
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  • Will heat no burn replace e-cigarettes?

    The emergence of e-cigarettes is much earlier than that of heat no burn. However, judging from the performance of Asian markets such as Japan and South Korea, heat no burn has far surpassed e-cigarettes in just a few months. Therefore, many people can’t help asking “will heating and n...
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  • Heat Not Burn(HNB) industry will develop faster

    Recently, the global tobacco giant Philip Morris International (Marlboro Company) 2020 financial report showed that its Heat Not Burn(HNB) product: IQOS Heatsticks shipped 76.111 billion sticks, has accounted for the annual total shipments of Philip Morris International (including traditional cig...
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  • Quitting smoking may improve mental well-being

    According to the results of a recent systematic review, quitting smoking may produce positive health effects in a matter of weeks. The review found that people who quit smoking had a greater reduction in anxiety, depression, and symptoms of stress than people who did not. If accurate, these findi...
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  • Inflammation linked to intensity of tobacco smoking among HIV-positive people

    Inflammation in the body has been linked to the intensity of tobacco smoking among people with HIV, according to a team of University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers.   Krishna Poudel, associate professor of community health education in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences, ...
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  • Martin King to Public Health Community: On Smoking Alternatives, ‘Follow the Science’

    When Martin King first heard his boss announce their company’s goal of “trying to achieve a smoke-free world,” he confesses it sounded like a “crazy possibility.”   At the same time, King says, he knew it could be done.   “When Andre made that announcement, we were launching our ‘heat-n...
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  • Proposed Hempstead Town laws target youth vaping, e-cigarette use

    In an ongoing effort to combat youth vaping and e-cigarette use, Town of Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin has proposed new legislation restricting the sale of vape-related products near schools, parks and playgrounds. The proposed new laws, crafted in collaboration with local school officials and ...
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  • heat not burn

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  • Researchers renew call for e-cigarette regulation

    Local public health researchers have called on the government to revive legislation intended to regulate e-cigarettes, saying they are being heavily marketed to young people as a means to stop smoking, but don’t help people kick the habit for good. The Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic D...
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