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10+ Reasons To Vape Without Nicotine

Most people consider smoking and vaping to be in the same category. However, this is untrue. Vaping is a safer, fun alternative to smoking.

To most people, it is just a fantastic way of consuming Nicotine, but to me, it is a way to keep away from it. If you are looking for a way to keep away from Nicotine, vaping is the way to go.

Non-nicotine vaping is the best way to enjoy the act. There are many perks to it, as discussed in this article. We shall focus on researched truths and dissect the matter appropriately. Let us look at why you should board the non-nicotine vaping train.

Get Free From Nicotine’s Toxicity

In the beginning, vaping and Nicotine were always put together like bread and butter. Compared to smoking cigarettes, this method reduces toxins intake into your lungs. In cigarettes, they combine Nicotine with other more toxic substances like tar. You wouldn’t want to have such carcinogenic contents in your body!

Nicotine is also a stimulant and thus increases your heart rate and blood pressure. However, you can now do away with the Nicotine altogether. Even if vaping reduces toxins intake, Nicotine in itself will get you hooked with consistent use. Why take the risk? You can use nicotine-free vaping and save your health.

For those who are changing from smoking to vaping, you are welcome to the vaping community. Here you can find a way to break cigarette addiction safely. Many people try gum and other methods to break from cigarettes to no avail. However, you can be sure your recovery journey will be successful with vaping.

As earlier stated, vaping reduces the intake of toxins into your body. The vaping pens come with a container with the e-liquid that you use for vaping. The evolving vaping technology has brought refillable liquid containers. You can get as big as 50ml.

If you are still struggling with Nicotine addiction, you can add a tiny amount you vape daily. This will help you regulate the amount you consume every day. I wouldn’t prefer jumping to nicotine-free vapes immediately. Doing so may lead you to fall back to smoking. However, a gradual decrease is effective and safer.

Nicotine-free e-liquids are the safer option for former nicotine vapers. I advise those transiting from vaping Nicotine to shift to this level. The Nicotine is removed and replaced with other non-addictive contents to make it safe for you. These e-liquids are toxin-free and safe for your lungs. You can enjoy vaping without being worried about addiction.

Nicotine-free Vapes Are Non-addictive

We must make clear here that Nicotine is only an addition to vapes. Not all vapes have Nicotine. Manufacturers make vapes using consumable food substances. When purchasing vapes, ensure you look at the label. The vape should either contain Nicotine or be nicotine-free.

Though there are a lot of arguments about the two varieties, those in the vaping circles know the difference. Nicotine-free vapes do not contain tobacco. If it has a 0mg label, no nicotine is in it. Therefore, if there is no tobacco, which is the nicotine carrier, how can it be addictive? It is safe to say that nicotine-free vapes are non-addictive and safer for your lungs.

I must point out that food allergies still come into play in vaping. Learn about the contents of the vapes, and keep away any that have your allergens. You wouldn’t want to stop addiction and provoke an allergy at the same time.

In case you have children in the house, keep away the vapes from them. Please do not leave them lying around, whether they are zero-nic or not. You may not know which they will get to first.

Take A Break From Nicotine And Still Vape

There are times I feel like I have too much Nicotine in my system. These days can manifest by feeling dizzy, nauseous, or sick. To combat this, I advise taking a break from the Nicotine. Using the zero-nicotine vape liquid, you can keep vaping while avoiding the addictive stuff. This will keep your system in check.

This is a brilliant option for those learning their nicotine limits. Since your body may still need the kick of vaping, you will not deny it the pleasure. The only thing that will miss will be the Nicotine.

The non-nicotine liquid will soothe you and help you fight the urge to smoke. This break will help your body wean off the Nicotine already in your bloodstream. Through consistency, you will slowly come out of the hook and start controlling your intake.

A Satisfying Sweet Tooth With Little Guilt

For the sweet tooth people, we also have your back. Vaping liquids have all manner of flavors to satisfy your need for sweetness. From several vapers’ testimonies, we know that vaping helps reduce sugar intake.

When you vape flavored liquids, they help reduce your cravings to eat sweet things. You will experience a considerable decrease in the number of snacks you take. You will also take less sugary foods, which is good for diabetic people. This makes you a healthy eater by reducing your calories intake. Isn’t this a wonderful thing?

Therefore, even though vaping doesn’t burn calories, it helps you to reduce your carbs. This is a boost to those battling weight and dieting issues.

Some e-liquid suppliers have a flavor combination of ice cream, raspberries, and freshly baked roll. This flavoring will help calm the snacking craving and is suitable for a person with diabetes. You satisfy your taste buds and your dietary regulations at the same time.

Nicotine-free E-juice Is Often On Clearance

Not many people enjoy the nic-free juice when vaping. This makes it sell very slowly. For this reason, you will find most sellers giving them at a throw-away price. They may even sell at half price.

How awesome! Therefore, if you want to save on cash or have a strained budget, this is your best option. Imagine buying your 100ml liquid at the price of 50ml, only without the Nicotine. It saves both your pocket and your addiction.

However, I am not claiming this as a constant price. All I am saying is that the cost of nic-free juice is significantly lower than the rest.

Even if you still want the nic-kick, this can still help you. You can purchase your favorite flavor as nic-free and add the one with Nicotine. When you mix the two, you will get the desired nicotine level at a cheaper amount.

You can also continue reducing the quantities you take in by mixing this way until you finally break from Nicotine. No matter the level of Nicotine you enjoy, you can use this method to save your expenses. Why spend more when you have a cheaper alternative?

Creates Smooth Vaping Experience

When you are breaking from cigars, you always desire that strong hit on the throat. That is why when you begin vaping, you will want some nicotine amounts.

However, you should decrease this amount with time to break the addiction. Vaping nic-free juice gives your throat a smooth experience. Your experience will be similar but with different results.

The hit on the throat normally brings damage to the cells. This is usually how throat cancer comes about when smoking. Using zero-nicotine juice will keep your throat healthy and keep away any damaging substances.

You will also continue enjoying the vaping experience without enduring the harsh nicotine feeling. You can make a choice today to vape while keeping your throat smooth.

Choose E-liquid That Simulates The Throat Hit Of Nicotine

Transitioning from Nicotine to non-nicotine vaping is not an easy task. However, you can make it easy by choosing a vaping liquid with nicotine throat effects.

Some juices mimic the effects of Nicotine on your throat to give you similar satisfaction. This effect is mainly dependent on the contents of the vaping liquid.

Contents That Produce The Nicotine Throat Hit

Menthol And Mint

Menthol and minty flavors usually have a strong cooling hit on the throat. This feeling is very soothing and easily substitutes Nicotine.

The benefit of using this flavor is that you can adjust your consumption. The feel is not addictive, and one can slowly shift to another taste with time.

Natural Fruity And Spicy Flavors

Lemon, grapefruit, citrus, and spices like cinnamon have raw throat kicks. Even though their feeling is more gentle on the throat, they can also help. Juices with these flavors can help to mimic the Nicotine feel subtly.

I would advise you to choose these flavors when shifting from menthol. The transition will be easier on the throat.

PG/VG Content

Propylene Glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin(VG) are the main contents of all e-juices. PG usually has the ability to dissolve flavors and is light and odorless. On the other hand, VG is thick, hides the flavors, and has a plain taste.

Due to their difference in qualities, they create a balance in the vaping liquid. This balance, however, varies with different drinks. The ratio of these two contents will determine the kick in the fluid.

The higher the amount of PG, the more the throat hit the vaper will enjoy. For example, if you like vaping with more throat hits, you can get those with a 70/30 PG/VG ratio or even higher. However, those who love a more subtle feel should go for those with more VG than PG.

Better Flavors Experience

If you like flavors in your e-juice, this is for you. Nicotine usually overshadows other flavors in the liquid through its prickling taste. This will make it take center stage instead of the different flavors.

However, when you come to non-nic juices, you can surely enjoy a variety of tastes. You can have diverse choices such as menthol, apple, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and many other options. The taste will linger in your mouth as long as you keep vaping and even afterward.

This experience is rewarding and tasty. It is a chance to explore different tastes until you get your favorite. Do not allow Nicotine to rob you of your preferred flavor during vaping.

As earlier stated, this benefit also helps calm the sweet tooth cravings. You have better control of what you eat and still enjoy the sweet taste in your mouth.

Test Negative On Nicotine Tests

Ever been between a rock and a hard place? You want to vape, but you suspect that you have a drug test ahead of you. This situation can be tricky if you use nic-based e-juices.

These days, drug tests are a standard part of interviews. Employers do not want drug addicts in their companies for fear of productivity. They also do not want to be responsible if you get harmed at work while intoxicated. There will be no policies to protect you or the company.

Companies like U-haul will perform a nicotine test on you before hiring you. If you are in dire need of a job, you have to pass this test. Whether the Nicotine comes from smoking, gum, or vaping, a positive on the test disqualifies you immediately.

Another area where Nicotine intake may affect you is the insurance sector. Your insurer will charge you hefty premiums if you are a nicotine consumer. This change happens because they fear you are more likely to have a serious illness.

However, with a zero-nicotine fluid, you need not worry. You can vape all you want, and the test will appear negative.

Best For Blowing Clouds And Tricks

From a young age, we all love blowing a lot of smoke and doing the smoking tricks. Most of the time, we admire celebrities who do it on the screens. You can also enjoy this performance.

Non-nicotine vaping produces much more smoke and more enormous clouds. This especially happens if you use e-juices with a high VG/PG ratio. Since the content is thick, it produces thicker vapor that lasts longer in the air.

No matter how grown-up, every vaper loves to try the cloud tricks once in a while. It is simply fun. Even if you try when Nicotine vaping, it may not be as good as without Nicotine. You can join in the fun and learn how to do the smoke rings. Seeing the massive smoke go up will be worth every bit of it.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is ultimately harmful to your health. Shifting to vaping would be very beneficial to you. Even though you may start with Nicotine filled e-juices, you can constantly reduce the nicotine content.

With time, you will enjoy vaping without the urge to use Nicotine. This is safe for your health and does not make you addicted. You also avoid the carcinogens in the cigars.

Vaping will allow you to keep blowing smoke but keep away the addiction. Tobacco harms your health while vaping helps you save it.

What Can You Vape?

Once you quit smoking, this is the next big question. There are various e-liquids to vape out there to calm your nerves. You can get to the point of vaping non-nicotine juices. Reaching here will significantly change your total lifestyle.

Can You Vape Water?

Absolutely not! This is very dangerous for both you and the vaping device.

Water’s boiling point is very low, causing it to boil at temperatures lower than those of the traditional e-juices. When you heat it using the vaping pen, it will boil, and you will be inhaling scorching steam. This may bring fatal results.

Water also corrodes the device causing it to spoil.

Can You Vape Flavored E-juices?

Very much so!

You can find thousands of e-liquid flavors on the market. For those with a high PG/VG ratio, you will distinctively enjoy the taste of each variety. This will give you the chance to enjoy variety when vaping. You do not need Nicotine to enjoy, zero nicotine levels will suit the purpose perfectly.

The list is endless, from the fruity ones to menthol and the spicy options. Your vaping journey will be full of flavor and color. You can also experiment with different combinations to experience the vastness of your options.


I encourage you to quit the cigar and Nicotine. Join in this new trend that will not cost you your life. With the variety of options to explore, you won’t get bored.

Open up your taste buds to enjoy a richer feel in a less costly way. Do not just vape. Move to zero-nicotine vaping and enjoy the difference.

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