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Heat not burn sticks factory, supplier, manufacturer and wholesale

HNB is an abbreviation for Heat Not Burn, generally referring to Htps (heated tobacco products) or Thps (tobacco heated products) of novel tobacco products. HNB products which come in various flavors for users’ enjoyment serve the function of harm reduction and smoking quitting.

There is a high threshold in the tobacco products industry. Requirements for the process and flavoring technology are very strict. Currently, the main process technical solutions for htps are flake, fine-cut tobacco, granule, paste and cellulose. Flavors of sticks are different due to the different process techniques.

Dedicated to the R&D of Heat-not-burn sticks and offering OEM and ODM services, Ccobato is a factory, supplier, manufacturer and wholesale of both Heat-not-burn herb sticks and tobacco-based sticks.

Ccobato owns the intellectual proprietary technology, insists on the R&D and investment of flavor and process, and basically resolved the oil-penetrating problem that commonly had in the heat-not-burn industry.

After years of development, a powerful flavor bank and a profile of sticks have been formed now, which can satisfy users’ different needs.

Ccobato’s best-sale products

Herbal materials are used in Ccobato sticks and the substrate is clean without impurities. The following are the most popular products.

Nicotine free

1. Ccobato nicotine-free series

It has rich fruity flavor, sweetness and freshness. It does not contain tobacco extract.

2. Ccobato nicotine-free strong throat-hit series

It has rich fruity flavor, sweetness and freshness. Users would feel a strong throat hit. It does not contain tobacco extract.

(Notes: It is the newest developed flavor and currently the picture is not available.)

Nicotine containing

1. Unicco fruity series

It has a high fruity aroma and sweetness with low coolness. It contains tobacco extract.

2. Unicco herb-based tobacco flavor

It has a rich tobacco flavor and mild fruity sweetness. It contains tobacco extract.

Our advantages

As a wholesale factory, we have the following advantages:

The best price

We offer the best price and quality. We promise that the quality will not be declined with the cost-effective products.

In compliance with local law

As a supplier, we get familiar with the legal policy and laws in main heat-not-burn markets. We can provide the most appropriate product solutions to local regulations.

Fair transaction

We provide fair transaction chances for all retailers. We will not refuse retailers for their social positions or any other reasons.

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