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Sentia Vs. Terea: The Only Guide You Need.

Terea and Sentia are two sticks designed for exclusive use with IQOS ILUMA devices. Though both of them feature smart induction core system, they are different in some aspects. 

Sentia and Terea have different degree of throat-hit feeling.

Generally speaking, Sentia’s taste is more mellow than that of Terea while the throat-hit feeling of Terea is stronger. Most people would think Sentia mild and mellow when they first try it. Well, it’s true. Compared with Sentia, Terea more strongly irritates the throat and lung when smokers inhale the aerosol, especially considering Terea is mostly based on menthol flavor. So, this is the difference between Terea and Sentia on a general level.

Sentia and Terea aim at different markets.

From the market aspect, Sentia now sells itself as a popular taste worldwide, while Terea focuses on the Japanese market. Heets is initially a stick catering to the likes of people from all over the world, and becomes a more popular brand overseas than Marlboro, a welcomed stick brand for use with blade HTPs (IQOS 2.4+, IQOS 3 Multi, and IQOS 3 Duo) in Japan. As a compatible version for special use with IQOS ILUMA devices, Sentia is now well positioned to aim at the global market. And the fact that Sentia is now available overseas and seems to become an increasingly more popular brand than Terea well confirms a growing trend towards Sentia switching.

Sentia and Terea vary slightly or greatly based on specific flavors.

Next, we’ll move to the differences between Sentia and Terea in terms of the corresponding specific flavors.

Sentia Deep Bronze vs. Terea Rich Regular

Sentia deep bronze and Terea rich regular correspond closely. 

As for Terea rich regular, there is a strong aroma of classic tobacco. When the stick is heated, the aroma fills in the room and lasts for a long time. The bitter taste remains in the mouth after smoking till the last puff. People praise it for having a tobacco-like taste and strong throat-hit feeling, which is the most familiar taste in traditional smokers’ memory. It’s no wonder that Terea rich regular would become the second popular taste in Japan, only next to Terea Menthol.

Sentia deep bronze correspond Terea rich regular very closely save that Sentia tastes more refreshing and mellow. As officially announced, it specially contains a smell of wood which makes it different from Terea and tastes more pleasantly bright. People say it tastes as delicious as Terea. More importantly, it includes the very same tobacco taste of Terea rich regular.

Sentia Clear Silver vs. Terea Smooth Regular

Sentia tastes light and has a weaker throat-hit feeling than Terea smooth regular. Though the taste and aroma are similar to those of traditional cigarettes, it could be not strong enough to satisfy smokers who favor rich and pure regular tobacco taste. But for those who are looking for mild and light flavor of tobacco, it couldn’t be better. Provided that you’re a beginner, it’s a really good try for you to choose Sentia clear silver. And it’s easy and convenient for smokers using Terea smooth regular for a long time to switch to Sentia clear silver just because there is such a close resemblance between them. 

But still, the throat-hit feeling and irritation from it are weaker than those of Terea smooth regular. So, Sentia clear silver is well recommended for people of three categories: smokers looking for light regular taste; people who enjoy a mild throat-hit feeling; beginners who first try regular flavor. Besides, Both Sentia clear silver and Terea smooth regular are designed in silver color and are packaged to be lustrous, which seem quite bright light from appearances.

Sentia Icy Black vs. Terea Black Menthol

It’s surprising to taste Sentia icy black for the first time when the strong menthol and tobacco taste simultaneously come to the mouth, throat and lung. Frankly speaking, it’s a cost-effective stick featuring the very much same tastes of menthol and tobacco as those of Terea black menthol at a lower price. When enjoying the original taste of tobacco, you’re able to feel the strong coolness of menthol. But one thing different with Terea black menthol is that it can be a bit dry when you inhale the aerosol. So, if you’re cool with that, just try it. It’ll surprise you with both its rich tobacco taste and menthol flavor plus 50 Japanese yen off the price. 

However, a more strong throat-hit feeling coming with Terea black menthol manifests a slight difference between them. We need to admit that it’s superior to its competitor when it comes to the throat-hit feeling.

Sentia Frost Green vs. Terea Menthol

You’ll be satisfied if you taste Sentia frost green before Terea menthol. But things become the opposite after you try Terea menthol. The reason why you have such a great different experience is that Terea menthol is better than Sentia frost green from the aspects of the menthol taste and tobacco flavor. In most cases, it’s weak when you draw on it at first but you’ll find it stronger and stronger till the last puff. You won’t get a satisfying feeling until you smoke enough amount of sticks. So, most smokers will not be used to it if they switch from Terea menthol for not long. But the good news is those who like the light and mild taste of menthol and tobacco could really love it.

Sentia Fresh Emerald vs. Terea Mint

Sentia Fresh emerald is reviewed as a stick with light tastes of tobacco and menthol, which are even lighter than those of Sentia frost green. Reserving the light tobacco taste and a moderate throat-hit feeling, the former is well made for beginners. However, Sentia fresh emerald seems not smooth enough and smokers would feel a pricking sensation when the aerosol go through the tongue and throat. Having a much same degree of menthol and tobacco aroma, Terea mint is more mild and smooth. So, for those who like the mild and refreshing aroma of menthol and tobacco, they would probably not pick out Sentia fresh emerald. Nonetheless, it’s good for people wanting a light coolness of menthol and mild tobacco flavor to have a try. 

Sentia Fresh Purple vs. Terea Purple Menthol

It’s said that Sentia fresh purple is the most delicious flavor among the 6 Sentia sticks. Let’s take a comparison between Sentia fresh purple and Terea purple menthol in detail. As their names explicate, both of them are refreshing sweet sticks with obvious menthol flavor. The sweetness is moderate. The former’s menthol taste surpasses that of the latter but Sentia fresh purple’s throat-hit feeling is weaker than that of any other Sentia flavors and Terea purple menthol. So, here you have three options for them. If you want a refreshing sweet taste with stronger menthol coolness, go for Sentia fresh purple. But if you favor a more strong throat-hit feeling with a refreshingly sweet aroma, then choose Terea purple menthol. Well, another option is switching between both of them anytime you want according to your personal flavor preference.

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