Sentia Vs. Terea: The Only Guide You Need.

Terea and Sentia are two sticks designed for exclusive use with IQOS ILUMA devices. Though both of them feature smart induction core system, they are different in some aspects.  Sentia and Terea have different degree of throat-hit feeling. Generally speaking, Sentia’s taste is more mellow than that of Terea while the throat-hit feeling of Terea … Read more

FAQs About SENTIA for IQOS ILUMA devices

Sentia is a stick brand launched in Japan after Terea. It is compatible with IQOS ILUMA devices with its smart conduction core. Just like Heets, Sentia is mainly for the global market. And here are some FAQs about Sentia. Q1: Does Sentia come in 11 or 6 sorts of flavors? Q2: Is Sentia similar to … Read more

15 Flavors of TEREA for IQOS ILUMA Devices

Perhaps you’re an IQOS hobbyist switching to IQOS ILUMA from the previous models like IQOS 3 Duo or a newer first trying to use it. Anyway, you should really want to know Terea which is exclusively designed for use with Iqos Iluma devices and pick out your favorite flavor. Four types of Terea’s flavors – … Read more