There are so many people all over the world who are now opting for tobacco heating devices. We are now moving towards a more conscious lifestyle while enjoying our love for smoking tobacco in a healthier, more elegant manner. One of the popular devices out there is from the brand Ploom. Let’s dive into this brand and know what they are offering us.

Interesting backstory: Ploom started as a San Francisco start-up that created a line of vaporizers. The company was founded in 2007 in Palo Alto. They formally launched and opened their website two years later in the year 2009. Their first release was the Ploom Model One, a limited-release product, which came out in 2010.

On February 16, 2015, Japan’s JTI announced that it acquired Ploom, Inc. and its patents and trademarks regarding their tobacco vaporization device business. That’s how they are operating now and flourishing under Japan Tobacco International’s focus on innovation and sustainability.

JT’s definition of “heat-not-burn cigarettes” is described as a product that uses tobacco leaves and the steam (tobacco vapor) is given off by heating these leaves. “Tobacco vapor” is a feature unique to heat-not-burn cigarettes.

For heat-not-burn tobacco, Ploom has two temperatures at which the tobacco leaves are heated. At low-temperature heating, the device heats and atomizes a liquid that passes through the tobacco leaves without directly heating the tobacco leaves. A high-temperature heating type device that directly heats tobacco leaves with a heater.

The special proprietary technology behind the Ploom devices is called “HEATFLOW.” HEATFLOW focuses on “air current”, a technology that enhances the taste of vapor (water vapor containing tobacco ingredients) generated by heating. Because of this said technology, Ploom devices produce a more pronounced tobacco taste compared to other brands. 

With that being said, let’s jump to the devices. I listed down each column a brief overview of details you might need to know about each model. Predominantly, they all have the same kind of technology which is HEATFLOW and they only differ in certain external features. 

PLOOM TECH1,980 yen– inhaling mist from the capsule as the LED tip glows blue
-low temperature heating, 30 degree Celsius
-almost odorless
Tobacco capsules
PLOOM TECH PLUS1,980 yen-no waiting time for heating and ready to smoke-liquid heating type-easier to use than Ploom Tech
-achieves “less than 1% odor ” like “Ploom Tech

-low temperature heating, 40 degree Celsius

-auto stop function
-blinking power to indicate remaining battery power
-improved adsorption and sucking power than Ploom Tech
-has more tobacco leaves and tobacco vapor (water vapor generated) than regular Ploom Tech
-smaller size than Ploom X
Tobacco capsules
PLOOM X3,980 yen-aluminum body
-can link to the phone via Bluetooth for checking battery percentage and device locking function
-stronger kick and taste than Ploom Tech Plus
-charging time of 110 minutes
-25 seconds heating time
-high temperature heating, 300 degrees Celsius
-odorless and good suction
-blinking pattern during malfunction and temperature abnormality
-cool, sleek design
Tobacco sticks 
PLOOM SJanuary 20191.017 yen-200 degrees heating temperature
-omnidirectional heating type
-cute design
-the model with the least odor among high-temperature heating devices
-curved form and shape
-matte main body
-can only smoke 10 cigarette sticks on a full charge
-takes 90 minutes to fully charge
-40 seconds waiting time for heating
-effortless cleaning and maintenance
-feel more tobacco than tech series
Tobacco sticks
PLOOM TECH PLUS 1.51,680 yen-1mm thinner in diameter and 4g lighter in weight than 1.0
-60 minutes charging time
-2 pieces (main body, mouthpiece)
Tobacco capsules
PLOOM S 2.04,980 yen-equipped with taste accelerator specialized for menthol, with a new heating mode “Taste Accel”
-extended peak time of heating temperature compared to Ploom S so menthol flavor will be more pronounced (about 30 seconds)
-high temperature heating
-60 minutes (20 sticks) charging time or 90 minutes (22 sticks)
-10g heavier than the S model
Tobacco sticks

You can only use tobacco sticks and tobacco capsules exclusive to Ploom Tech that are sold separately. The fun thing about Ploom is that they release limited edition colors and colorways for their devices and limited edition special flavors. Look out for them during special holidays and celebrations.

Adding more to the novelty is the availability of Ploom device accessories you can purchase separately. Things like carry-cases and panels will surely make your Ploom device look cooler and protect them from everyday wear and tear.

Ploom Tech Exclusive Variants

Mevius Regular exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Mevius Menthol exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Mevius Red Cooler exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Mevius Purple Cooler exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Mevius Gold Regular exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Mevius Gold Menthol exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Mevius Brown exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Mevius Mix Green Cooler exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Pianissimo Aria Menthol exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Pianissimo Pink Cooler exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Pianissimo Morning Rose Cooler exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Pianissimo Midnight Jasmine Cooler exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Pianissimo Apricot Cucumber Cooler exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen
Pianissimo Honey Apple Vinegar Cooler exclusive for Ploom Tech580 yen

Ploom variants (from left to right): Ploom Tech, Ploom Tech +, and Ploom Tech + 1.5

Ploom Tech + Exclusive Variants

Mevius Purple Mint580 yen
Mevius Gold Roasted580 yen
Mevius Gold Clear Clear Mint580 yen
Mevius Gold Muscat Green Mint580 yen
Mevius Gold Red Mint580 yen
Mevius Premium Gold Regular580 yen
Mevius Premium Gold Menthol580 yen
Mevius Premium Gold Frozen580 yen
Mevius Energy Spark Mint 580 yen
Shot Mint580 yen
Mevius Energy Pop Grape Mint580 yen
Mevius Energy Moscow Mule Mint580 yen
Mevius Energy Pina Colada Mint580 yen
Mevius Energy Mulled Wine580 yen
Mevius EnergySparkling Wine Mint580 yen
Mevius Roast580 yen
Mevius Mild580 yen
Mevius Clear Mint580 yen
Mevius Cold Mint580 yen
Mevius Red Mint580 yen
Mevius Gold Yellow Mint580 yen
Mevius Gold Orange Mint580 yen
Pianissimo Bergamot Mint580 yen
Pianissimo Osmanthus Mint580 yen

Ploom X Exclusive Variants

Mevius Rich 570 yen
Mevius Smooth570 yen
Mevius Menthol Card570 yen
Mevius Menthol Fresh570 yen
Mevius Option Yellow570 yen
Mevius Option Purple570 yen
Mevius Option Muscat570 yen
Mevius Option Red570 yen
Camel Rich500 yen
Camel Smooth500 yen
Camel Menthol Cold500 yen
Camel Menthol Red500 yen
Camel Menthol Yellow500 yen
Camel Menthol Black Mint500 yen
Camel Menthol Purple500 yen
Camel Menthol Muscat Green500 yen
Camel Gold 460 yen
Camel Cobalt460 yen
Camel Purple Option460 yen

Ploom variants (from left to right): Ploom Tech and Ploom X

Compared to other heated tobacco device brands, one can say that Ploom is right in the middle in terms of pricing. It’s not the most expensive but not the cheapest either, so you can say you pay a reasonable price for the quality that does what you want. Below is a small overview of the price difference compared to other brands.

Philip Morris Iqos Iluma Prime12.980 yen
BATGlo Hyper PLus480 yen
JTPloom X1,980 yen
When you shop from Ploom, the availability of the models depends on which country and type of shop you are buying from. I’m going to provide links to their official websites below so you can check them out and see them for yourself.

The products for sale on the shop section of each website differ and vary. Of course, that is so, given the difference in policies and regulations for each location. Here are the promised links:

ITALY: https://ploom.it/
RUSSIA: https://ploom.ru/
GREAT BRITAIN: https://www.ploom.co.uk/en
JAPAN: https://ploom.clubjt.jp/

You can also purchase Ploom devices in third-party stores and websites such as Amazon. You probably have a better chance of bagging your desired model if you buy from the outside as the selection will be more complete. In Japan where they are highly popular, you can purchase them easily in convenience stores and Ploom shops. Lucky them! 

How about you? Which model will you be interested in?

(Notes: Please be aware that the trademark of Ploom mentioned in this passage is of JTI and has nothing to do with CCOBATO. Furthermore, JTI’s products have nothing to do with CCOBATO’s products. All statements here represent the article partner’s opinions.)

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