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15 Flavors of TEREA for IQOS ILUMA Devices

Perhaps you’re an IQOS hobbyist switching to IQOS ILUMA from the previous models like IQOS 3 Duo or a newer first trying to use it. Anyway, you should really want to know Terea which is exclusively designed for use with Iqos Iluma devices and pick out your favorite flavor.

Four types of Terea’s flavors – Regular series, Menthol series, Flavor Regular series, and Flavor Menthol series

With 15 flavors of choices in total, Terea sticks can be categorized into four types – regular series, menthol series, flavor regular series, and flavor menthol series.

The chart below shows the category of Terea and the specific one you want to learn. Use these links to find more information.

RegularRich RegularRegularSmooth RegularBalanced Regular   
MentholBlack MentholMentholMint    
Flavor RegularRuby Regular      
Flavor MentholBlack Purple MentholPurple MentholFusion MentholBlack YellowMentholYellow MentholTropical MentholBright Menthol

Regular series

The regular series includes tastes of Rich Regular, Regular, Smooth Regular and Balanced Regular. The reason why we call them Regular series is that they are tobacco-based flavors. With the strength, fullness and aroma considered, the tobacco taste gets lighter from Rich Regular to Balanced Regular (from left to right in the table).

Menthol series

The menthol series splits into Black Menthol, Menthol and Mint in accordance with the coolness of menthol. Also, the menthol taste gets lighter from Black Menthol to Mint. By the way, Menthol-flavored Terea ranks top one in Japan. 

Flavor Regular series

It’s a brand new flavor launched in Japan. It’s a combination of red berries and tobacco without menthol, full of the sweetness of red berries. It’s specially designed for those who like tobacco with a fruity aroma but dislike menthol.

Flavor Menthol series

As the category implies, it’s a mix of flavors and menthol. The flavor Menthol series can still be broken down into three portfolios.

Black berry-based menthol flavors

The first group is Black Purple Menthol, Purple Menthol and Fusion Menthol. It is the combination of menthol and black berry. Black Purple Menthol is the sweetest with the strongest menthol taste. Purple Menthol is just next to it. The Fusion Menthol is infused with blossom, so it’s a special mix of three sorts of flavors – black berry, blossom and menthol.

Citrus-based menthol flavors

The second group is Black Yellow Menthol and Yellow Menthol. The two flavors are included with the aroma of citrus. The citrus aroma of Yellow Menthol is the same as that of Black Yellow Menthol while its menthol taste is weaker.

Tropical/Green fruits-based menthol flavors

The third group is Tropical Menthol and Bright Menthol. Tropical Menthol mixes the aroma of tropical fruits and menthol, featuring the exotic refreshing taste while Bright Menthol is full of the refreshing feeling of green fruits as officially marks. So both Tropical Menthol and Bright Menthol are flavored with the aroma of fruits and menthol.

Only the fruits are kind of a bit different. Most green fruits grow in temperate or subtropical areas like grapes, kiwi, apples, avocados, etc. Compared with green fruits, tropical fruits are sweeter due to a plenty of sunlight, high temperature and abundant rain. So, the sweetness and aroma of Tropical Menthol should be a bit lighter than those of Bright Menthol.

For the record, Terea is not produced in Japan but in Italy. PMI has its factories in Italy, Greece and Romania. Terea sticks are manufactured mainly in Italy, so the best-selling Terea in Japan now are basically imported from Italy.

Why is Terea Menthol the most popular in Japan?

In Japan, the top three flavors of Terea are Menthol, Rich Regular and Black Menthol.

Why do Japanese love Terea Menthol so much? Actually, it’s not the Terea Menthol that Japanese only like. They really love the cool feeling and all goods with menthol. It’s common to see goods added mint here and there in Japan like the scrub, lip balm (Mentholatum lip balm), steam eye mask, shaving cream, shampoo, body wash and other daily necessities, and even foods such as chocolate menthol ice cream, mint candy, menthol cigarettes and so on. So menthol-loving Japanese like Terea Menthol best. 

Why do Japanese love menthol and coolness?

But why Japanese love menthol and cool feelings? There are reasons.

Menthol brings refreshing spirits at work

The most important reason is that the coolness of menthol helps them lift their spirits and keeps them energetic at work.

Though the Japanese labor law says employees should work for maximum hours of 8 per day and 40 hours per month, the dedicated working culture and collectivist hierarchical Japanese society drive them to work a long time.

For example, getting to the office 2 hours earlier or working extra hours of overtime is just too common for the salaryman. Even the naptime could be too short for them to get some sleep. The long working time has been their daily routine.

In such cases, they really get tired and lack sleep. And the menthol would help them a lot. For smokers, menthol cigarettes and sticks would be their best choices.

Japanese Ice Culture and Geographical Location

Whether it’s in summer or winter, Japanese don’t like hot water. They want the icy water to get cool feelings. At the same time, Japan is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The location against the sea makes Japanese love coolness naturally. The ocean itself gives people refreshing and cool feelings.

So, based on the above reasons, Japanese love coolness so much and they really like goods with menthol which can bring them cool feelings. That’s the reason why Terea Menthol is the best-selling stick among so many choices of flavors. And a total of 10 kinds of menthol flavors of Terea sufficiently proves Japanese’s love for menthol.


All flavors of Terea are divided into three portfolios – Regular series, Menthol series, Flavor Regular series, and Flavor Menthol series. The flavor list of Terea clearly shows 15 kinds of flavors of Terea, of which Menthol and Flavor Menthol account for 11, which well indicates a good sales market for menthol taste. Among those 15 Terea sticks, Japanese smokers love Menthol best. And Rich Regular is only next to it. 

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